A Different Life

This story is about a girl named Lindsey. She never got to go anywhere. Everyone left her out. Then something good happened....Something that changed everything :D


1. Everything falls apart here :\

I was sitting in my room with my friends Paige and Abbey. "So guys? Who do you guys have chrushes on?" I ask. "KEVIN!" Abbey yells. "KOBE!" Paige yelled. "Wow" I think. "Who do you have a crush on?" Abbey said anxiously. "Uhhhh." I say "C'mon u can tell us anything!" Paige said wanting to know. "Jagger..." i said looking to the ground. "JAGGER!?!?!" Abbey said freaked out. I nodded. Paige and Abbey leave the room. I go on Facebook and looked through my news feed. My cousin Maddy is going to a One Direction concert, a Taylor Swift concert, a Ed Sheerdan concert, and a photoshoot! "OMG" i yelled....and shes going with all her friends but not me (her cousin)
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