One less lonely girl

A girl called Abigail who has 2 friends obsessed with justin bieber, but she hates him. Or is that just for now? Is it her that's meant to be Justin's ollg?


1. Not a normal day.

Abigail's POV:


I hate Mondays.

Getting up is so much effort, I practically have the same routine every day..wake up,shower,hair,make up, get dressed, school.

Today was the first day back and it was a new year so new me. As soon as I'm ready, I walk out my door and see my two friends, arianna and Rosie waiting for me so we can all walk to school together.

Rosie; Omg abi it's been so long, I've missed you so much!!!

Me; aw me to!

Rosie&Arianna; Have you heard?!

Me; What?

Arianna; Justin Bieber is coming to our school today to do a surprise concert at lunch!!!!!

Me; oh great...

I can't believe he's coming to our school. Why him?

- School - 

So I literally take 2 steps into my school and everyone is talking about him. What's the big deal? I am dreading lunch..

Me; okay well I'm going to my lesson, meet you in the cafe at lunch!

Arianna; okay!!

Rosie; where we'll meet justin!!!!!!

Me; ergh, don't..

Before they say anything I leave..

So it got to lunchtime and I met up with arianna and Rosie, they kept going on about justin bieber coming when...

Justin; hey guys I'm justin bieber, doing a surprise concert for you all!

Ergh great it's time.. I rolled my eyes then looked back up at him where I saw him staring at me..

Justin's POV:
Omg, I walk into the cafeteria to do my show and I see the cutest girl ever, I don't know if she likes me though, because when I looked at her she rolled her eyes. Was that to me?

I have to get to know her but how?

Me; okay guys so who wants to be my ollg?

I began to sing and soon enough the whole school joined in.

Abigail's POV: 
He started to sing one less lonely girl, Rosie told me all about how he gets one girl on stage, gives them flowers and the crown to make them feel special. Not going to lie that is cute. 
Rosie was screaming in my ear 'ONE LESS LONELY GIRL
I looked to my right and I see this man smiling at me telling me to come over. So I did..

Scooter; would you like to be the one less lonely girl?
Me; do I have a choice?
He laughed as if I was joking...
Scooter; haha! Come with me. 

As we were walking backstage I was singing quietly to the song justin was singing at the moment, fall.

Scooter; woah, such an amazing voice.

Me; haha, really? Thanks!

Scooter; look I don't usually say this to the one less lonely girls but could you wait until the shows finished back here? Something tells me justin wants to talk to you..
What was he on about? 

Me;okay, sure.

It was time for me to go on stage. I walked out and saw Rosie&Arianna crying then I saw justin, he looks alot hotter close up. Maybe I judged him too quick? We'll see...

Justin's POV:
I saw the girl I chose walk out onto the stage. It was the same girl i spotted as soon as i walked in! She was beautiful. I walked up to her, grabbed her hand, sat her down on the ollg throne, placed the crown on her head, gave her flowers then sung to her. About 30 seconds later I goes
'Whats your name sweetie?'
Her; 'Abi.'
Justin; 'wow, hi abi.. You glad you're my ollg?'
She paused then replied bluntly..'yes.'

I bet she couldn't wait til the song was over, that actually hurt, knowing she doesn't care, but what did i do? Oh well..even though she's beautiful, she doesn't like me&its probably the last time ill ever see her.

Abis POV:
The song finished, and I walked off backstage with the flowers and crown. I don't get why they chose me because I don't even like him that much. He's just really hot.

Scooter; Abi don't forget, stay here please. It'll be worth it.

Me; oh god, okay.

I totally forgot..
Why do I have to stay til the shows over?

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