you just cant hate that kid

One direction is staying in a house that a certain members family knows, when they get there they meet the family's daughter who is a little ball of energy, well she's the same height as Niall, who they treat like a sister, she grows on them, and what will happen when they must leave? ONE DIRECTION FANFIC


1. first impressions and seeing the house

Louis's POV

mum are you sure about these people living here, and that it's ok if we stay here,? yes Lou just trust me I knew Brenda she's fine with it, she has a kid or two but that's it,! she says ok i say into the phone then hang up, we're here guys i say pulling into the drive way, to a pretty big house in the tiny town in Ontario, my mum knows these people we're safe, when we got to the door a lady was just leaving, hi I'm Brenda she says, which one of you is Louis? she asks, i step forward and smile, i haven't seen you since you were a baby she says, you make me feel old and short she says, well mostly old my daughter makes me feel short ever day she says, now I'll see you after work she says walking off, we walk in and sit around in a TV area, we see a laptop and leave it, music is blaring out of it and a song starts playing with a guitar part suddenly a kid wearing green sweat pants a grey T-shirt and a pink house coat with white hearts jumped down form the stairs and started to air guitar, when the part ended she stopped air guitaring not noticing us she walked into the kitchen and started to sing along i then hear what she's singing Teenagers scare the living shit out of me, they could care less as long as someone 'll bleed! i started to laugh, her head shot towards me her eyes seemed to bore into my soul she smiled and blinked finally hi I'm Hayley she says, she looks nothing like Brenda, she has light hair but it's obviously died eyes that look grey from far away but are pale green and curly hair, she flicks her bangs to the left before crossing her arms over her chest and tapping her foot, done staring she asked, yea sorry i say, she smiles when i talk, i love your accent she says, the rest of the guys are staring at her, she is tall but you can tell the oldest she is would be 15, she shakes her head at them, well because they're staring they don't get welcome cake she says, Niall stops staring at her, she chuckles and motion for us to follow, when we get to the kitchen there is a cake sitting there, she smiles, second cake I've made she sighs, the last one was eaten, well anyway if you need anything just let me know she says walking off, i just realised she was about as tall as Niall, hey i call she comes back, and smiles yes? she asks, can you stand next to Niall, i ask she nods and stands next to him, she is the same height as him how old are you? i ask her she smiles 12 she says i nod now i feel short Niall says, don't i'm tall for my age she says, i laugh, as she walks away i notice something a bracelet, hey i call she comes back, yes? she asks, umm where did you get that bracelet i asked, Christmas she answers why? because no reason o say, she nods and walks away, i look up the stairs and her room is awesome colours, bright green and blue when she comes down stairs again she looks at us and says Larry and Ziall cute couples, she sighs i look and see Harry sitting next to me and see Zayn sleeping on Niall, i laugh, yeah no there is NO Larry, \


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