Seventeen Souls

Dead bodies, living souls. Dead escape, living hunt. Dead smiles, living feelings. Dead head, living dreams. Who will first let go?


1. chapter 1: my world

I'm sorry for ruining your dreams. You might be thinking "Oh, when I die, it will be so wonderful, I'll go to paradise, and live happily ever after!". Well, I have to tell you: that's not how it is. At least not if you die young. If you do so, you don't really die entirely. In fact, you stay on earth, invisible to the human eye, waiting for your killer to die, before you can walk over. You become a Soul. If it is a disease, you wait for the vaccination to be invented. If it isn't because of a person, nor a disease, but an object, you wait for the specific object to be destroyed.

 Now it isn't that easy. Some people can see the dead. They were born with that" Gift", live with it and die with it. Those people divide into the "good", The Prophetesses, and the "bad", The Hunters.

The Hunters are mostly men that discovered, a long time ago, that dead children generate energy ten times stronger than nuclear energy (and of course, they sell it for ten times the price of nuclear energy). It can be taken from them with a special gun that fragments the Soul, then takes the energy, killing it. The child then dies completely, and in agony. It won't be able to walk over.

This is what we, the Prophetesses, try to prevent. We all come from the same family in the beginning. It’s usually the women that receive the Gift from our parents. A man that receives it is very unusual, it almost never happens. The men created our laws though, which mainly consist in: “If you destroy a Soul, you become a Hunter and we kill you”.

About me, now. I’m 16 years old. I have lagoon blue eyes after my mom, auburn, wavy hair after my dad, and pale skin like most of the Prophetesses. I am one of the best of us, probably because I killed the Hunter-Chieftain. I am also the Head-Prophetess’s daughter. All of this puts me quite much in danger. This is my life now, and I fear that it will change a lot soon.


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