Dark Serpent

It has been two months since Semei returned to hell with his Hyyaki Yakou in order to recuperate. Nura Rikuo, now the official Sandaime of the Nura Clan, is focusing on strengthening his territories and finding strong youkai to build his Hyyaki Yakou, as well as making sure no renegade youkai are wandering the night harming the humans he swore to protect.
Akuma HIme, a five year old half youkai, is a renegade spirit in search for her family's murderer together with her older brother. When circumstances resulted in her joining Rikuo, what will happen to her oath of vengance? And what would happen if the very person she is looking for is one of Rikuo's most trusted aides?


1. Path of Revenge

The full moon hung like a beacon in the night sky, casting pale blue light which punched through the deep darkness shrouding Ukiyoe Town. Two figures glided swifly past the sleeping town, stealthily moving through the near-deserted streets. There was a slight menace in the atmosphere, causing the residents to stay in their houses, afraid to venture outside. The night was cold, but with every step the two took towards their destination, the air dropped further in temperature.

A single, piercing scream cut through the deathly silence. The taller of the two immediately shoved the smaller behind him, and both came to a halt. Up ahead, a gigantic youkai loomed, feeding off the remains of a human. It took a few halting steps out of the alleyway and into the moonlight. Its leathery skin had a greyish hue to it and multiple mouths stuck out of its golem like body. The youkai's six arms and four legs wobbled grotesquely with each movement. Blood from its previous meal stained the front of its body, causing the two figures to stiffen in disgust.

Akuma clutched the hand of her older brother as she watched the monster move out of their sight.
"Are we going to let it go, nii-san?" the small, silver haired girl asked, looking up at the male, older version of herself.
Their green-slitted eyes met and her brother drew his black katana, "No, we are going to take it down. That youkai is of the Mt. Nejireme clan, meaning that it could be one of our parents' murderers."
The girl's jaw set, "If that is so, I'll come with you."
Her brother shook his head. "This one is stronger than the others we have fought so far. I don't want you to get hurt."
Sighing, Akuma replied, "I can take care of myself."
He laughed softly and ruffled her hair, "I know. Let's go."

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