Justin Bieber Short Story


1. Only CHapter...

You are at StarBucks with a couple of friends and say you have to go the bathroom. On your way there you get a text, Looking down at it, still walking you accidently run ito someone, you look up and notice it's Justin Bieber,
You; Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I got a text and I wasn-
Justin; It's fine, I would bump into a gorgeous girl like you all over anyday.
-You look up and smile, He smiles back.-
Justin; SO I didn't catch your name
You; Ariana
Justin; Ariana, What a beautiful name
You; -Blushing- Thanks.
Justin; I have to get back to the studio, but wouldn't mind you texting me sometime, -scribbling down his number on a piece of paper, handing it to you.-
You; Sure
-He exits-
-You go back to sit with your friends, not telling them what happened, knowing they won't believe you-
*Later that day, you decide to text him, when you are home*
You; Hey it's me, Ariana, from StarBucks.
Justin; How could I forget someone as stunning as you
You; Oh stop it, you'll make me blush
Justin; haha, so are you free this Saturday night
You; I think so, why?
Justin; I would love to get to know you better, How about we meet back at starbucks and I'll drive you to my place and we can talk over dinner?
You; Sure! I'd love that! 
Justin; TTYL Beautiful ;D
You; Talk To You Later:)
-He has already picked you up and you are back at his place-
You; You have a gorgeous place here.
Justin; Not as gorgeous as you. 
-You smile, he smiles back-
After dinner you guys sit there on the couch, snuggled up. Watching a movie
Justin; Ariana, I really like you a lot... And I.. erm.. Know we just met but.. uhh. WIll you go out wit-
-Before he could even finish you had pulled him into a passionate kiss-
Justin; So I'm taking that as a yes?
-You laugh-
You; Yes silly 
-You manage say before he pulls you back into his kiss-
-You spend the rest of the night watching movies and cuddling, You guys end up lasting and get married on Valentines day. You have twins named Taylor and Tyler and Live a normal happy life-

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