The Devils and Demons Parade

How the demons and devils are stuck in a maze. Our goal is to make them disappear. Some die without understanding, but most get out. They have a goal, just like we do. Their goal equals to Hades. You should know Hades...


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The Devils and Demons Parade

OUR one goal in life is to make OUR demons disappear. And not appear. Our demons and devils are not inside of us, their core is, which is worse. Their soul and spirit are lost in a maze.Their spirit wants their core back from you; or in other words they want revenge. They want, what they think is, their life back from you (their nucleus). To start breathing this life of theirs again. And doing evilness to the world; their mission and their one goal. Walking and walking and dragging themselves. Most of what they do in their boring life is turn right and left and make a U-turns or walk straight. On some occasions, to lift off the loneliness and boredom there would be a fight. They would fight and fight to GET OUT. But, nothing can be stuck in a maze forever, right?

Or can they?

Be trapped and lost and die without knowing or understanding anything? Seems tragic if it was a human stuck in there from birth but, for the devils it's not tragic. It's something to celebrate and have a parade for. It may be tragic for themselves but, we, humans treat the demons and devils like they're the demons and devils. 

Maybe all they need is just a little treatment? Like how a good parent would treat their pet or baby with so much love, power, and passion. Maybe that's all they need. Maybe some do and some don't. You should know your demon very well, actually. How to treat your demon actually shows in yourself. What kind of person you are effects and shows you how to treat your demon. Your personality should be very similar to your demon and devil; but, only your bad side of your personality, not the good one. And if you are all good and not mean, your demon must be so lost and confused like a billion birds flying around in chaos that you think they're lost. Or if a person born with not enough brain parts to be called stupid. 

SOME, remember, SOME, manage not to get their demons out of their maze. But, MOST, remember MOST, get their demons out of their maze and show it to the cruel world. The world that you don't need the underground to make Hades. With devils and demons, red and black shades inside and outside of them. With never setting fires and dust and coal. And charcoal. Once, you get to this stage; there's really no way out. Maybe, unless, you were one of the Angels of the world, before.

            And no one really knows how the demons and devils get out from their maze once they have been freed from labor or how they find their heart in the crowds of billions of people in Japan. Just like how we don't know how the door or gate to heaven looks like, when the time comes. 


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