just another love story

Jessy is just another love-struck nineteen year old until one concert ticket changed her life.....


1. birthday surprise

Jessy's pov. 

      I just can't wait! My 19th birthday is here and I'm sooo excited!  I got dressed and jumped downstairs just in time for breakfast. "Hey honey happy birthday! " "thanks mom! I have to go or I'll be late to work."  I walked down the street and picked up my best friend Julie. "Omg ahhh One direction is coming to floridaa!! Ahhhh!!!!" Gosh Julie can be such a fan girl! Yes she loves One direction abd so do I but I dont show it, its just not my thing you know?


       I just arrived to work when Julie jumped.  "Omg jessy happy birthday!  Oh I totally forgot sorry!"  "Its alright I don't care."

"Oh,it should you know why?.... because of this!" She showed up two tickets to a one direction concert and I screamed! Yea I know I know, this isn't my thing but come on, its one direction! I've longed for tickets but I never could afford it. I hope I can catch liams eye at the concert. I just love his big brown eyes and his fatherly figure!! Can this day get any better?

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