Una Greyhart

Una is a young goddess, lost heir of Zeus. she came to earth young and forgot all about being a goddess until she recognizes a face that leads her to dangerous places, falling in love by dying. when she learns she has a second side a side of pure evil she thinks nothing of it until it gets out and causes chaos.
will she find herself i time?
will she live another day?
or is it all over before it began!?
is the world safe without Una Greyhart?


1. Una Greyhart-who is Una

When you were little , you would look up at the stars and think what it would be like to be looking down on the universe, but Una was a little different than you. You see she wasn't anything like a human or an alien I know what your thinking, twat. Una is the princess of te gods and one day the queen of the gods. Of course she was the youngest child out of her secret brother and her sister. Though because his son is a secret he can't be mentioned through any of this. But his daugter, Persephone was the one person who knew where Una was and how she lived.

But let us not cut in half way through because that would just be boring.....

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