Until Death Do We Part

For the comp


1. Life.

I must say, my life was good, every second of it, right up to the moment that it ended.  I had a loving - now mourning - family, a nice house and an adoring husband.  We had a fantastic wedding.  That was the day I died.  We had just done our wedding photos, and I was walking around the vast gardens outside the church, embedded with pink and white roses.  There was a remote road, overlooking a meadow, that looked gold in the bright sunlight, even though it was actually green speckled with red, because of the clumps of beautiful, blood-red roses.  I spent most of my childhood there.  I went over to the time-worn wall, and breathed in the fresh air.

It all happened so fast.  I heard the oil tanker first, and barely caught a glimpse of it as it sailed around the corner.  The driver looked about fourteen.  I hardly saw the chains that were holding the tank of oil down snap, and tried to run.  Tried.  My lovely dress snagged on one of the spines on a rose.  I couldn't do anything except throw my arms over my head and hope for the best.  The best being that everything would miss me and I would be but shaken.  The worst, I would die.  I guess that luck wasn't on my side on my wedding day, because the worst happened.  The whole tank fell on top of me, crushing my bones, followed by the burning hot oil, which seared at my pale skin.  I was alive.  I was really hurt, but I was alive.  Then, I saw the wire on the trailer, spewing sparks.  I didn't even have time to think the words 'Oh, god', before it hit the oil, and it exploded into dancing flames, spreading as quickly as cheetah, all over what remained of me.  It burned away at my flesh, bit by bit, ending my life.

So, I guess that's just my luck.

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