intresting lifestyles

Beki helps her close friend Harry out soon to receive a thankful call from him. when they are reunited and spend 2 weeks together, what will they get up to? will their feelings change? will people get in the way? I did not write any of this all credits go to: Beki_w


1. starting things off

Beki's pov

I woke up about 10:00am and pulled my phone off the bedside table. I had twitter notifications about Harry Styles. He's a good friend. I've known him since secondary school and I'll always stay true to him. now he is in one direction I don't see him. although I'm glad he is achieving his dream! after all he is an amazing singer. He's so funny and we have a lot in common: we love apple juice; our favourite colour is orange; we are in love with the Adele 21 album; we think sweet corn is delicious and we both like Pokémon. whenever we are together we love to have a laugh and let our hair down.

Anyway the twitter notifications were hate for him having a girlfriend, what's wrong with that? I decided to make a tweet about this. it read:

'here's a cheers to all those haters who clearly have nothing better to do than hate on @Harry_Styles. if you were a true directioner you would accept that he was happy and be happy for him too!'

that was that, I'd stuck up for one of my besties even though he probably wont see it.

He's been hurt before by a girl but in totally different situation. I think it was by a river he had set up a picnic for a girl with candles and everything but she stupidly didn't turn up! so Hazza spent the rest of the night kicking candles into the river. why would you do that to a boy just tell him you have different feeling for him not ditch him on a date that's one of the worst things you could do!

after the situation I decided to get ready and dressed it was the weekend so I put on my new jeans; a white top with I love music on it; my purple jumper and a pair of pumps. nothing special was happening today so I just tied my hair up into a pony tail.

I rushed down stairs to have some breakfast I decided a cheese toastie was able to give me full food satisfaction.

"good morning hun." my mum greeted


"what you up to today?"

"I don't know maybe we could go to auntie netties?"

"cool me and Eth will come over too, Shans at the flat with Glen they have probably got work today"

"well I just need to brush my teeth and then I'm going, I'll meet you there"

incase your wondering Shans my sister and Glen is her boyfriend.

after this I rushed up stairs to the bathroom and started to brush my teeth. after a couple of minutes I grabbed my IPod touch, phone and spray and put it in my bag. I also shoved in some bubblicious because I love bubble gum!!

I grabbed my car keys and ran down the stairs through the door and hopped into the car. 

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