Two girls finally get tickets to a one direction concert little do they know that its going to affect the rest of their life.


1. Christmas Morning.

Mia's P.O.V

Hi, i'm Mia i'm 14 and have brown wavy hair that's always up in a pony tail, i love one direction and i would die if i met them and that's me I also have a best friend names Millennia she is beautiful she is is funny aand she has orange hair with little baby curls. So exited it Christmas morning!! I sat down by the Christmas tree and waited for everyone to sit down also. My mom handed me a rather small present. (well it looked small) I started ripping it open. "A pack of gum yay!" I tried to sound exited but i don't know if they believed me. "Open it", Mom replied vigorously. I unlatched the pack of 'stride gum'. All I saw was two white receipt looking things with black text on it, but as soon as i saw the word Direction I let out a big yelp of exitment that has been held captive inside my lungs for much to long now. Today was the day!

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