The newly loved

NIALL... Carter Fosler is a 19 year old girl who has an abusive father who blames her for her mothers death. She fight for a year after with the constant beatings and cutting. But when she meets a certain blonde haired blue eyed fella will their 'freind' become more then friends? Will she last thru all the hate from fans?


1. Escaping

Hey it's carter in case you don't know me here's about me

Name:Carter Helena Fosler

Family: rick(dad) Gina(sister)

Likes:skinny jeans, reading ,shopping

Dislikes:skirts, high heels, make-up (anything girly)

History: My mom died 2 years ago from cancer in the thigh,

My dad blames me for it and abuses me because of it,

My sister just helps him hurt me,

Things I love: my 3 BFFS Erin, Caroline, Marlee, music, art 



Carters POV

ughh, I hate Monday's, theyre the days everyone rags on me and beats me up for no reason. The only ppl I have that truly care about me are Erin Cali (caroline) and mar(Marlee) I do have one teacher that gives a crap abou t what I do. Mrs. Lorna she's our Spanish teacher. Ok now enough with my pity party I gotta get ready for school. I go to my dresser and put on some red skinny jeans and a lace white top with my red toms to match. I put on my prescription glasses the nerdy looking ones yea I loved them but they cost a lot I'm still paying them off. As I get ready to leave for school I grab a pop tart my book bag my cell phone wallet car keys house keys ect. "CARTER" Rick boomed into the room like a bat outta hell. He falls to the ground obviously drunk. Oh no here comes the beatings but no he darts up from the ground and runs to the kitchen to puke I assume but no he went strait for the knife stand. As he stumbles on his feet to get to me I'm already halfway down the street.  A boy with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes literally runs into me we both fall I am on top of him. As I stand up I relies I had kneed him in the balls.shit. "I-I -am s-s-sorry" I stutter " it's ok" he says obviously still in pain from where my knee hit his basement. " I'm Niall " the blonde who I now know as Niall says. "and you are?" he said with his marvelous Irish accent. "oh I'm erm... Ur... Carter Helena Fosler"I say quite loudly. I started to run,as fast as my legs would go only to notice a huge root. Next thing I knew I was face first into a pile of dirt. "sssssss" i screamed as I realized I probably broke my ankle next thing I know is I'm being lifted off the ground by two strong arms"Niall?" I ask "yes love it's me, isaw you trip and squeal plus  I saw you run from a man with a knife." as he said that last part I realized that he saw that little spew between me and Rick. GRRRRRRR. " I think you should come back to my place so I can help you heal" " o-only if you want to tho" he stated after I stalled while thinking. "yes I would go anywhere to get away from that bastard" I stated . " ok then, but I don't live by myself I live with four other guys." then it dawned on me. " wait, your Niall Horan from one direction correct."


Nialls POV

" yea I'm on my way home now harry, no I did not sleep on a park bench I was with my mum in Mullinger you retard ok, I gotta go bye" ugh harry and his assumptions,"umpf" ugh I ran into something wait someone. A beautiful girl with dirty blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She was beautiful then I felt a pain in my downstairs area then I realized she was pretty short and her knee was in my balls.ouch. 

****skip all the parts before I don't feel like writing it twice***

As we were on our way to the car I realized carter had fallen asleep on my chest. Omg she looked so much like an angel in my arms . Corney I know but still it was true. This must really be love at first site...

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