Are You The One

Louis falls in love with a girl after meeting her on the road crying. in this story there will be broken hearts broken bones and ROMANCE!!! Will Harmony end up with No one Louis Harry Niall Zayn or Liam you will find out reading this book


1. Meeting One Direction

Louis's P.O.V

I wake up and its 12pm "oh no we're late, Harry wake up we're late." I looked at Harry's face its was tired but in shock " But I set the alarm for 8 am!" " no you set it for 8 pm Harry." we looked at each other and both laughed. as we were eating in a rush I notice a black van "The paparazzi." I whisper then Harry looks out window as well then ran upstairs to get changed. I look down and I see I am wearing princess boxers and no top I was wondering how they got there and what happened to my top. after we both changed we left the house in a rush but we were still smiling and laughing for no reason.



Harmony's P.O.V

“COME HERE NOW HARMONY” I heard my dad yell as I was thinking  Oh no tonight’s the night he said he going to kill me, I wish my mum didn’t die otherwise I would be safe and he wouldn’t be in my life I tiptoed downstairs in terror I saw a knife in his hand the with the sharp bit pointing up, before he saw me I went back upstairs out my window and ran away, He didn’t see me but he was waiting for me to come downstairs until he went upstairs and saw I was gone he looked out the window and saw me running  towards the graveyard where my mum’s ash was buried. I went there, kneeled down and started crying wishing  Steve wasn’t in my life, wishing my mum was alive, but nothing happened and I had to get up and start running again I heard Steve yell from the distant “I WILL FIND YOU HARMONY, I WILL!” I started running harder even though he stopped. Its 1pm and I haven’t had breakfast and I have NO money.



Louis's P.O.V

When I was driving Harry and I to the interview I saw Niall, Liam and Zayn driving back to their house so I instantly stopped and turned around “Lou what are you doing.”Harry asked me “I saw Niall, Liam and Zayn driving back to their house so it kind of means the interview is over.” “Oh” I looked at Harry and tears started to form but he wiped them away. I looked out the window I saw a girl walking down the street crying I parked the car next to her and put down the window when she looked in the window she nearly screamed. I could see she knew who we were “um hi Louis and Harry.” She kept walking “wait, are you okay, what’s your name?” “I’m Harmony, well I’m not really okay, my step dad is trying to kill me today is the day he said he would, and I’m scared.” “Come Home with us, he won’t find you there, it may be a bit messy but we have a spare room next to mine and Harry’s.” I heard her tummy rumble while she had her hands on it. “Okay thanks Lou.” She hopped in the car and I drove away with a grin on my face, fans don’t normally call me Lou. I instantly liked this girl.




Harmony’s P.O.V

I was in Louis and Harry’s car I wanted to freak but I kept it in. When we got home I went straight to the fridge as if I lived there, Harry and Louis both laughed, I made I sandwich for everyone and we all ate them. By the time it was three we were all watching TV when my cell phone rang, I looked at it and it was my step dad, Steve, I declined the call. About 10 seconds later he texted me and it said: I know you declined my call and when I find you I will kill you. I was scared but didn’t want Louis and harry to know. Tears started to form I wiped them but not enough for Louis to see “What’s wrong?” He asked me, I didn’t know what to say to them “uh well Steve, my step dad is texting me stuff like I am going to kill you when I find you, I mean what if he does find me he knows the direction I went to, what if he asks people and they knew.” Tears started to form even more and they were dripping down my face. Louis put his arm around my waist, I leaned on his shoulder and I felt safer.



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