Lou i have something tell you

Angeline or she would like to be called Angie is the girl friend of the famous Louis Tomlinson. What will happened if Angie is ready,would they have a bundle of joy or not so happy ever after ...


1. i am ready

Angeline's P.O.V I was lying down in the bed while Lou is in rehearsals then there was a slam on the door. I got the bat in the closet and went downstairs when I was downstairs I saw Lou drunk then he was biting his lower lips staring at my body then I looked down at my body and I saw I am only wearing my undies then my cheeks turned bloody red in embarrassment then he came near me and hugged me I placed my legs in his waist,"are you seducing me? " he asked I nodded then giggled then he carried me to the bedroom then laid me down on the bed and he removed his shirt then the fun began *the next morning* I woke up because I need to puke I rushed to the toilet and started to puke Lou was there ate my back rubbing it "its fine Angie " I got up and washed my face then got downstairs Lou was in the leaving room watching the x factor "Lou you want breakfast? "I asked "sure babe." Then i went to the kitchen to make pancakes and eggs when I was frying the eggs I needed to puke I ran upstairs then I puked on the toilet "Angie are you ok? " Lou asked I nodded and washed my face I went down to prepare the food but Louis was already there the food was stake, mash potato,vegetables salad than the pancakes and eggs "Lou what's happening? " I asked Louis was wearing tux while I was just wearing one of his shirt he didn't talk he just lead me upstairs. When we were upstairs I saw a beautiful length knee pink strapless dress "wear it and come down after an hour" he said the he smile I nodded I admired the dress for 25 minutes the I decided to wear it then I wore my pink high heels shoes then I got my phone and I got my picture and post it on twitter and I tweeted "Lou brought me this beautiful dress for breakfast??? Hehe!" Then its gone an hour so I went downstairs and I saw the boys and El with Danielle. Zayn and Perrie just broke up so she wasn't there but Zayn's a little bit of alright then I went to Louis "what is happening here?" I asked whispered "we are having brunch with the boys. " he replied I just sighed " hey guys how are you?" I asked "not fine " Zayn answered. "Oh." I mumbled "no. I was just joking " Zayn said "oh" I answered "ok lets eat "Lou said we nodded then when we were eating "Angie may I ask you a question? " Louis asked I swallowed my food " what is it? " I asked "will you marry me. " he pulled out a ring in his pocket. " yes Mr. Tomlinson " he placed the ring in my finger then he kissed me sweetly in the lips "I love you Mrs. Tomlinson. " " I love you to Mr. Tomlinson."
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