Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)

"What`s your name?" He asked. I licked my lips and responded with a simple, stuttered, " H-Halli" "Halli. I like it" He started to smirk. Why me? Why was I the one he wanted right now. "I`m Louis" He then pinned me to the nearest thing, a wall. He moved my golden blonde hair out of the way of my neck and leaned down. - What will happen? Read Dark -A Louis Tomlinson FanFic- (15+)


9. Re-Hired and Puppies

"Halli" the sweet voice cooed, shaking me lightly. "Halli! Hal! Get up!"Louis said, still shaking me. I groaned. Louis jumped on me, making me shoot my eyes open and whimper in pain. 
"Ouch. What the hell was that for?" I asked, angrily that he had jumped on me. Why would you do that to a person?
"It was to wake you up! Sorry, that I hurt you though" He said, leaning in to kiss me, when my phone rang. My ex-boss? The fuck does he want?
"Hello?" I answered him.
"Halli? Would you like your job back?" He said, making me smile.
"One condition, let Louis come behind the counter with me, if he doesn`t be too much of a distraction."
"I`m sorry, I can`t do that."
"Then, gimme a raise." I demanded.
"That I can and will do, if you keep him from behind the counter"
"No promises. He is strange, but I`ll try my best sir."
"Welcome back!" He said. I smiled bigger.
"Thank you. See you later, I`ll be in work soon." I stated and hung up, and looked at Louis.
"Work? I thought I got you fired."
"Ya did, but he offered me a raise." I pushed him off of me and went into the kitchen to see my mum.
"Morning, mum." I said, when Louis wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Morning, Mrs.Kennidy!"Louis said, smiling. I love it when he smiles.
"Morning to you two. Didn`t get drunk did you?" She asked us, I shook my head. I didn`t have a drink. I don`t know if Louis did or not, we left early, due to reasons I will not bring up again.  
"Breakfast done? Work soon, ya know?"I smiled, moving Louis` arms away, sitting on the chair by the island, that we used as a table, Louis sat next to me, his brown hair a mess over his forehead. 
"Almost! One minute"She said, running around the kitchen, I got up and helped, knowing Louis was staring the whole time, I ignored it. 
"Hey why can`t your nose be twelve inches long?"Mum asked, I shook my head, this is gonna be so bad.
"I dunno, why?"
"Cause then It`ll be a foot!"She finished, I laughed, despite that it was a bad pun. I ran up to my room, showered, no make up today, and got in uniform. 
"I gotta go! Lou!"I called for Louis, he ran in. "You can go home or stay and talk to my mum all day until I get home"I explained, opening the door, letting in a puppy. "AWW!"I cooed. So fucking cute! It was a little Australian puppy, pretty sure it`s full blooded
"Mum! Can you PLEASE take care of this puppy, until we find its owner?"I asked, as the puppy licked my hand. I`ve always wanted a dog, always! "Yeah, sure sweety. Go don`t be late for work"She smiled, taking the puppy in her arms. I smiled and nodded, Louis and I both going to a car, as we left, Louis for where ever he was going, me to Nandos! (Pick of the dog up top! BTW!)

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