"It's just a popularity contest," She Said.

"It's just a popularity contest, there's nothing else to it." She said. But little did she know, this "popularity contest" was going to change her life whether she liked it or not.


1. Singing Competition? Lol, no.

Kelsey's POV

"Kels, you have to try out! You're an amazing singer!" Lauryn begged.

So, my name is Kelsey Richards and I'm 14 years old. I just started high school this year so I'm in 9th grade. Every year this school puts on a huge production, a singing contest. A bunch of kids preform in front of the school and the kids and teachers vote for who they liked the most. The winner of the production goes to another singing contest; only this one, you are against people from all around your country. So in my case, it would be kids from all around of Canada coming to Toronto, Ontario to compete in front of four judges. Then, the winner of that competition goes to London, England to compete against people from all around the world, ages 13-18.

So you see, two of my best friends, Lauryn and Abby, are trying to get my to try out for that singing competition. I mean, yeah, I'm a good singer. But am I good enough to win? Definitely not. Plus, I think the whole contest is such a joke. Most people only enter to become popular and frankly, I'm okay with being the sporty smart girl with the gorgeous best friends. I'm okay with being that small town girl from Leamington, Ontario, Canada that no one knows or even notices. But, y'know. I guess no one can understand that.

"Guys, I already told you guys, I'm not trying out for that damn competition thing. You guys know I can't sing in front of people. Now can you guys just drop it?" I accidently snapped. Fortunately for me, the bell rang so neither Abby nor Lauryn could carry on this conversation.

"We'll drop it for now only because we have to get to class. But the contest is in a week and we're going to change your mind by then. Bye, babe." And with that, Abby picked up her books and headed off, everyone turning to look as she walked because honestly, who wouldn't? She's gorgeous.

"Kels, we aren't going to give up any time soon so stop trying to make us, it's useless. Bye!" Those were the last words Lauryn spoke before she too, headed to her class.

I mentally slapped myself in the face for picking such stubborn friends. But then again, I love them to death so I really couldn't complain all that much. I sighed and quickly made my way to my next class; music. Had I mentioned that I play the guitar and the piano? No? oh, well I do. I already major in music and its nearly the end of the first semester of my first year. I know, I'm amazing.

I walked into the class room as quietly as possible and quickly took a seat next to another one of my best friends, Alessia. She turned to me when I sat down and whispered, "Hey girl, her!". Her usual greeting. I simply chuckled and shook my head responding, "Hey hey girl!".


"Huh, what?" My head shot up. The whole class chuckled.

"Just making sure you were here." My music teacher, Ms. Hensen's, voice broke the silence in the room. Ms. Hensen is honestly one of the best teachers you can have. She's so chill and you can joke with her no problem.

"Cause y'know, I totally hate this class and I really don't want to be here." I joked sarcastically. Everyone knows I love music. In all honesty, it's my dream to become famous. But, my stage fright always overpowers my dreams. Ms. Hensen chuckled then carried on with attendance.

"So I see that everyone is here which is great. I wanted to talk to you all about the singing competition that will take place next Friday, exactly a week from now." Everyone started cheering and clapping because well, a normal kid at this school loves the annual singing competition. But me? No. I just groaned in annoyance. I've heard enough about this stupid competition. Why can't everyone just realize it's not a big deal and get on with their lives?

"Okay kids settle down." Ms. Hensen chuckled while the class calmed a bot. "Now is there anyone that would like to put their name down for the competition that hasn't already?" I scanned the class room only to find a few people raising their hand. Maggie, the socially awkward one with an amazing voice. Russ, the weird one who's obsessed with nascar. And Kyra, another one of my best friends. As I scanned the room again, my eyes landed on Alessia, who had a mischievous l look on her face. I look from Alessia to Kyra a few times in confusion before I finally understood what they were doing. I furiously shook my  head but that didn't change a thing.

"Uh, Ms? Yes, Kelsey would like to take part in the singing competition." Both Kyra and Alessia turned to look at me with innocent eyes while everyone else gasped in surprise. Damn you, Kyra.


SOOOOOOOOOO GUYSSSSSSSS, this is one of my new fan fictions :) I really hope you guys like it! Just a warning that it will probably take a while until One Direction comes into the story just because I don't want to rush it, sooo uum yeah! I really would appreciate if you guys could tell me how I could make it better and stuff :) lol thanks!

                                                                                                                             - KELSEYYYYY


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