Irish Boy

Shelby was the new kid in school. She was 18 and always tortured by the most fabulous and popular girl, Brittany. She has one best friend named Ellie. Like all the girls in Shelby's grade, Shelby has a crush on the handsome, Irish boy Niall.
She's absolutely positive she doesnt have a chance with Niall. But little does she know that Niall is planning on doing something special for Shelby and little does she know what Brittany is going to do to stop it.


1. Another Stupid Day At School

* Shelby's P.O.V*


I got up and got dressed, ready to start another crappy day at school.  I've been at this school for One month now and have

been bullied by Brittany ever since.  I try to stand up for myself but i just cant.  She doesnt leave me alone and has everyone else join in with her.  I'm lucky I have a best friend to cheer me up and help me out.  If it weren't for Ellie i wouldnt be able to survive Brittany's bullying.  Anyways, I brushed my hair and put on my make up then i was off to school


So i meet up with Ellie in front of the school, and we to our lockers.  Ellie got her books and headed off to her first class.  I, on the other hand, had to go to a different class first.  English. So I walk down to english getting pushed and shoved and dropping things while people are laughing at me.  Then Britanny comes. "Oh no" I mumbled so i could only hear it.  "Aww Look at Shelby walking down the hall way dropping all her stuff, Maybe we should give her a hand?" She said.  She smacks me across the face and i dropped everything on the floor.  "Oops!" Brittany said laughing and walking away.   I bent down and picked up everything i dropped while people watched and laughed at me.  Once i got everything i started walking down the hallways again making my way to English.  Then I hear a bunch of "Oooohs" and "Aaaaahs" then i saw that the most handsome guy in school walking down the hallway.  Niall Horan..The wonderful Irish boy that everyone loved.  He has beautiful blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.  As he walks down the hallway he looks at me smiling and winks.  At least i think he was looking at me.  I smiled back and with that he walked off.  Oh my gosh he was perfect.  I go down the hallways and finally get to English.  When i got there i sat down and  Brittany whispered into my ear, "U shouldnt even be alive, bitch."  Then all of a sudden Niall comes in and sits by me.  Then he whispers in my ear "Hi...about Brittany, just ignore her. Stay strong."  I smiled and then class started.

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