The Scars We Leave

If the changes we made to people's lives were visible bruises and scars. Some people would bruise you deeply and other would only leave a tiny scrape but we never know the full extent of the "injury" until we're left to examine it on our own.
Another romantic attempt at comparisons of both emotional and physical properties.


1. The Scars We Leave



The Scars We Leave


Of all the people to touch my life
You were the only one to leave a bruise.
Many scratched the surface
Leaving shallow cuts on my freckled skin.
Easily fixed with a little attention
Their bonds were aimlessly hollow.
Your mark was so faint
Invisible to my tired eyes
I could not see it at first.
Curiously examining the green blemish
I awoke trying to remember its creation.
As time passed, green grew deep purple
But you were no longer there
To kiss it better.
Concerned others inquired about the injury

Too painful to confess, inwardly writhing
As a sweet smile sculpted my lips.
Some may accidentally brush those memories
Unaware of the spark alighting my burning sadness.
But it’s hard to know what hurts more;
Physical impacts you left on me
Or thoughts of my body never again
Suffering your influence.

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