On the Inside


1. On the Inside

My heart is breaking  

my heart is pleading to be saved 

it's going bad

it's going mad

it needs help now

before it stops making a sound 

it's yelling and swelling

it's swelling and yelling

and when it screams

no one ever hears

they just stand there

they just stare

its breaking, breaking, breaking

every thing is shaking 

i even feel a pain

that pulls me down 

something like a chain

suffocating me

ripping through my soul

my body

my mind

making holes

making its way,

yet again,

this heart 

just to tear it apart

nothing new

then it crumbles 

breaks away

and tumbles

this pain that just won't leave

sucks this life down a dark hole

where i lose myself 

and am forced to 

live in the shadow of someone else...


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