Ellie's Summer

This summer is going to be different. Much different. Ellie's parent planned to take her to England to start over. She was nervous it was her senior year and wanted to make the best of it. All is normal for Ellie when her school starts a fundraiser and 1Direction comes. Ellie ends up being Niall Horan's first real love.


1. New home, new life

 "Ellie, love" shouted my mom from the bottom of the stairs. What now, I thought. I was trying to read and didn't want to be bothered. I walked up the stairs and my parents were waiting for me. "What?" I asked sounding rather annoyed. "We need to discuss something with you, darling." My parents stated. Why were the being so nice?  "What is it?" I asked kind if nervous. My mother stared at my father and said "I... Well, we-" "We're moving"g my father stated. "What! Where?" I stuttered barely getting it out. "London" my parents stated simultaneously. I was actually rather happy. I wanted to start over.

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