The perfect life- ruined.....short story (finished)

Rose is 19 y.o. Her life is perfect. She has a boyfriend, is popular, the perfect family. One day she goes to a party with her bestie Emma. It is her bf's b-day and she cant wait to surprise him. But what happens when someone uninvited shows up?


5. Explaining

I run away from the building. I then realize Conner is calling my name. I stop running and wait for him to come here. "Look, love-you know I love you, and will always protect you. So we need to at least listen to these people or council whatever they're called. I mean, what else do we have to do?"

"Okay, but I don't believe them. Katie would NEVER EVER EVER do that to us. Why should she?" I say with my eyes tearing up.

"Don't cry. We WILL get through this." Conner says taking my face in his hands. With that we walk into the building hand in hand. 

"Okay then. I am now cooled down. So continue please." I say. 

"You were killed by Katie at 12:05 am on Sunday July 1st. Reasons are unknown. Both were shot in the back temple. On the right side. A bullet is in each of your brains. This was definitely planned." The council woman says like an automated robot. Well, the bitch said in an automated robot. "This is heaven. We are the council. You know where to find me, if you need me. I'm just a scream away. Or a wish upon a star. You two may leave now. Find Alyssa she will guide you to you''re new house." Wow fairy-god mother much!

We find Alyssa and she's waiting right as we turn. When I look back there's nothing but the sunset and tiny raindrops falling from the sky as like droplets. It looked like saliva falling from a lollipop or candy-cane  Yuck! Alyssa held up her hand and when I opened my eyes one more we were in front of a huge farm. 

" was hard, here in heaven is where you finally get EVERYTHING you've ever wanted. There's a bar, unlimited fridge. Pools, saunas, animals, hot tubs, small baths, big baths, waterfalls, anything you can name. If you ever want something more, just wish for it at night and it will be there soon." Wow this place makes me feel like Cinderella! Alyssa disappeared and Conner took my hand. We then ran towards the farm house. We stopped on the front porch and I took his lips in for a kiss. A long, passionate kiss. 

"I love you." Conner practically screams. I laugh and wrap my arms around his neck. 

"I love you." We kiss again and walk into our new beauty of a house.


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