The perfect life- ruined.....short story (finished)

Rose is 19 y.o. Her life is perfect. She has a boyfriend, is popular, the perfect family. One day she goes to a party with her bestie Emma. It is her bf's b-day and she cant wait to surprise him. But what happens when someone uninvited shows up?


4. Accusations

 I gasp. How can I be dead? I was alive less than an hour ago! How could the one of the happiest days of my life- also be my death date? There is no way. They are lying! "I know you are lying, so just stop it!" 

 "Oh my, this is going to take more time than it usually does. Please Ms.Rosie stop accusing us of lying that is a serious crime!" 

I just want to leave and for them o stop this shit. "You two were shot and we know who did it, and she will try to kill more people we need you to help." WHAT SHE KNOW HOW DID IT! "Just tell us who and we will!" "Ms.Katie Munrow." WHAT KATIE WOULD NEVER DO THAT! SHE LOVES ME! "You are a dumb lying bitch."  I yell at her. My eyes start tearing up and I run away.  

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