Truly, Madly, Deeply

"I love your laugh, your smile, everything about you. I love how you trust me no matter what, and I love the way you make the best of everything. And Felicity, I love you."


1. My Life

  "Felicity, wake up!" My sister Brooke yelled.

  I hesitate to get up. Another day of getting up meant another day of going to my awful school and getting humiliated once again. Brooke notices I haven't moved so she jumps on my bed.

  "Come on, Felicity! You have to wake up for school." She yelled between breaths.

  She keeps jumping on my bed. I could tell she wasn't going to stop until I got up and got ready for school. Even though I hated every second I was at my school, it was better than having Brooke jump on my bed endlessly. No, that's a lie. It isn't better, but I REALLY wanted her to stop.

  "All right Brooke! I'm getting up." I practically screamed at her. She runs away giggling. At least someone is going to have a good day.

  I get dressed and head downstairs. There waiting on the table is a bowl of cereal. I swish the cereal around with my spoon. Cereal isn't my favorite I'm actually quite sick of it considering that I've had it everyday. Suddenly Brooke runs in and takes a seat across from me, interrupting my thoughts. I keep my eyes on her as she eats her breakfast. I can't help but notice that she has a nice plate of eggs with a side of bacon. Figures. Brooke always gets the special treatment and gets attention while I'm treated like a third wheel. 

  I hear heels clacking against the floor, which can only mean one thing. Mom's here.

  "Good morning Brooke! How was your breakfast?" She said after leaning in and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

  All I get is a glance from her. A glance. I stupidly try and get her attention.

  "Hey mom.Today in school we're suppose-" I try but she cuts me off. Just to talk to her precious Brooke. Whatever.

  I step out of my mom's car and start to walk towards the school. The car ride was the same old, same old. Or in other words, we didn't speak a word to each other. I change my pace from fast to slow. Straight ahead were the talk of the school. The "it" couple, Brittany Craven and Harry Styles. Yes, Harry Styles from One Direction. I hate One Direction. The only reason he is here is because Management thought they should have a well deserved break. Harry's mother insisted he go back to school so here he was. Luckily, only Harry's mom. Imagine if they were ALL here!

  They seemed busy in conversation so I put my hoodie on and hung low, hoping I won't be noticed. I made it pass them. I race to the door and try to get inside. I'm literally inches from the door when I'm stopped by a very familiar voice. Sadly, a TOO familiar voice. 

  "Hey Felicity. Where did you get that shirt from, the Ugly Barn?" Brittany called to me.

  Harry and the people crowded around him snickers. I have no idea why. The Ugly Barn? Really? That is the stupidest joke I have ever heard. I turn on my heel and face them. Brittany starts to walk towards me but just in time the bell rings. Brittany walks over to Harry and whispers something. He nods and walks towards me. I'm clueless as to why he is walking towards me without Brittany but all I know is that I didn't want to walk with him. Then I remember that it's Monday. Aka, English day. I'm in the same English class as him. So is Brittany, but I guess she left the dirty work to him.

  "Question, have you ever thought ever taking a shower? You smell....awful." He said while covering his nose for dramatic effect.

  "Why don't you just take a long walk off a short peer, jerk." I  said clenching my fist. He lets out a soft chuckle.

  "Why is it that people have to be so rude?" He said while gripping my arm.

  Gee, I wonder why. He pulls his hand away from my arm letting an "ewww" escape from his mouth.

  "You know, maybe you SHOULD take a shower." He said in disgust. I quicken my pace to try and outrun him. It works. What a jerk.

  I walk into the classroom and stop. All eyes were on me, and only me. Harry walks in and pushes past me. I mean, have you ever heard of the phrase 'excuse me'? I take my seat in the very back and our English teacher, Mr.Rissmen, starts teaching.

  "Okay, class. This week we will be studying Shakespeare. To start off the lesson, there will be a project. The project partners will be announced on soon, so brace yourself."

  Brittany and Harry interlock hands signaling they are hoping they are going to be partners. I guess Mr.Rissmen sees because he states something.

  "I will be picking your partners, so don't get your hopes up. That means you guys Brittany and Harry."He said taking note on their hands as I had suspected.

   "We can't help it, we're in love." Brittany said looking into Harry's eyes.

   I feel like I'm going to upchuck. Am I the only one who thinks that is completely and utterly revolting??? I wipe the smirk I have off my face when I realize I'm going to have to have a partner. That I won't even get to pick. What if I end up with Brittany? Or worse, Harry? 

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