The Perfect Boy

As Mandie is off from school she meets a boy, He ends up giving her his number. As Mandie tells her best friend Claire about her new friend Harry. They relize they met him before, but back then they were just fans. Mandie And Harry Get up close and personal. But this love story doesnt just stop at Mandie And Harry, Claire Meets Niall and sparks start to fly instantly. Will Mandie And Harry Go Out On A Date? Will Mandie Become Harrys New Babe? Will Claire Meet Niall? Will Claire And Niall Be Lovers? You Have To Keep Reading To Find Out c;

Hey Babe's , My Name is Mandie. Im really new at this so im sorry if it sucks. I hope you guys like it ! Please Feel Free to leave comments & Maybe if your lucky you'll be in my story as a lover for the other guys.


1. When We Were Just Fans

I hear a knock on the door, i think to my self

 " who could it be this early?" 

As i open the door someone pushes through. Its my best friend claire,

" Claire! You made my heart skip a beat !" and i give her a little punch. 


"Sorry Mandie , i just couldnt wait to hear about that guy you met at the beach yesterday!" says claire. 

I had totally forgot about that Adorable British Guy, His name was Harry , Harry Styles to be exact. I used to love him in this band ,"one direction". I was a Proud Directioner back when i was little. 


Well that was ages ago , " His name was harry." i say happily.


" Wait a second, Harry Styles? From One Direction?" says Claire.


You could hear her irish accent coming through. 


I answer her back " yep thats the one, we were like 13 back then".


" AND YOU LIKED HARRY AND AND I LIKED NIALL!!" she said with excitment.


" Claire! calm down . i remeber that perfectly"

i had tons of posters planted everywhere. my locker, my room etc. You could say i was alittle davoted. They were a perfect band, they had loads of talent.


Claire throws my cell phone at me, nearly hitting me in my head. But it missed me by a few inches, Thank heavens. 


" CALL HIM NOW. RIGHT NOW !" says Claire 


I run upstairs to get the paper he wrote his number on . "i got it " i yell from up in my bed room, 

I type in the numbers , Im so nervous.


"What do i say ? What if I Cant say anything because im so scared?"


" Oh stop being such a little girl Mandie, Your 19 get your lady panties on." says claire barely breathing from rushing up the steps


The annoying ringing stops, and he answers 

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