Always Remembering

Aislynn Cincinnati Haley Edwardson is a special girl. She can remember everything, and she means eveything, she led an average life of sorts but then it all became a roller coaster when she met encounters a boy band she wanted to forget.


1. Prologue

Most people fell in love with 1Direction the normal way, through their concerts, their music, their looks, their playful almost childish vibe and/or through their friends. My sister fell in love with them through those things, yet I, I fell for them through books, or more likely fan fictions.

It’s my guilty pleasure, going through all the online reading websites and reading all their fan fictions, it wasn’t intentional at first but once I got started I couldn’t stop. It was the different characters these boys would become, the different personalities, the different circumstances they would be in, the different ways they would be react. In truth, before then, even when my friends or class mates listened to their music I would sing along but think nothing of it, even when my sister got into the craze I again felt any different about the band as I did before. Those 5 boys, 4 British and 1 Irish, they just seemed like an ordinary band to me, singing songs, being adored by “enthusiastic” female fans, mostly consisting of teenagers and early 20s women with an occasional male, an older female or a younger one. I had no problem with them; in fact it was quite amusing to see how these people reacted to 5 young boys, danced to their music, sang along with their songs, screamed their lungs out, cried their eyes out, gave their very hearts to these boys.

I wasn’t nor I am like those girls, I like their music, I love their looks and their personalities but the thing is I adore their lives in books, loved the way they were portrayed, I simply loved the way that they would transform from one person to another. I said before that my sister was obsessed with them, she still is, I share a room with her and whilst my side is normal her walls are covered with the faces of 1D, her alarm tone is to 1D, she listens to 1D none stop and so I hear it too but these things didn’t affect me, being a girl who was more focused on her studies. But as I read more stories, the more interested and informed I became, it wasn’t intentional at first, for I was searching up references girls made in their books about 1D that I did not understand and the more I read, the more videos I watched, the more things I researched, it was also helpful that my sister would give me updates on the band, their rivalries and their lives. I was falling hard for these boys, I wouldn’t call it love for I wasn’t I viewed it as a simple crush or a “liking” as people now say.

I never expected for anything to happen, after all I was just the typical geeky, studious girl who lived next door, I was simply nothing special. I had no boyfriend beforehand, no first kiss, no first genuine “I love you”. I kept my slight obsession a secret after all, it was better to do it quietly and get on with my studies and let my sister do the hard core fan work and just update me on important events.

After a while I decided to put it behind me, it was only a few months in but it seemed like a childish obsession, lusting after young boys who were never likely to notice me, me the girl in a small town in England, me who had the brains and not the looks. I was the girl everyone knew for the right reasons, cute, friendly, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, a true friend. I wasn’t what you would call popular but I was well known. But it was average, everyone was prettier and skinnier, and these people did not cut themselves, they weren’t messed up. No one would have suspected I cut myself well I did, not to the extent of blood but I tore the skin on my arm with a flat head screw driver, not many people knew, only my closest friends and no one else, not even my parents and I planned on keeping it that way.

Anyway, I keep on getting of topic but the thing was I was an Asian girl living in the UK, I wasn’t skinny, I didn’t wear too much make up, I was more reserved and more mature than most people. Living in the UK since I was 7 made me sound English; seem English even if my appearance did disagree. I matured early, I grew up early and so when I put my obsession behind, I put the time and energy into my studies, I studied harder and when exams came, I topped all the scores in the school, breaking all the records, ranking first in my school, first in the entire country and after another set of exams to prove that I was not cheating, they decided to move me up, past the years ahead of me, past college and straight to university. 

A year passed and I finished my course early spending my time on my work, MENSA had officially declared me as a genius and by the time I was 18 I had finished my diplomas and already half way through my , masters degrees majoring in over 9 subjects. It seemed unbelievable but it was true, my mind was capable of storing so many things, what they didn’t know was that I could remember everything so every word I came across, every person every moment I would remember it and never forget, it was a secret I wished to keep only my parents and my 3 sisters knew, I had a lot of secrets and I wanted to keep it that way.

But when I did turn 18, it was the year that would start the change of my life forever, there would be no turning back, I had to buckle up and hold on tightly for I was to stay on the trip and follow wherever life took me. And it was all because of one accident that involved a certain band that I had pushed back into my head, a band I was willing to forget, a band called 1Direction…

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