keep running

mary, an 18 year old has run away from her abusive father and is trying to find her mother. her father always said she was dead but she never believed him but she never expected this.


3. chapter three

ethan pov

"ya ok so what i was thinking was we could let the quarterback..." god shes so pretty i think its her its... mary thats the girl luke and cassia were talking about she could actually be my mate shes beutiful but i mean one of the humans could snatch her because its her choice.

"hey are you smelling that she smells like mistress lilly does." john whispered into my ear "she could be your mate bro go talk to her"

"what no illl look weird." but u know im kinda scared but im not gonna say that.

"well then it looks like joe is gonna introduce himself" what!? no i couldnt take it i was gonna introduce my self. maybe i can show her around school like i did cassia and luke ya okay there she is here goes nothing

"hi im ethan its nice to meet you."

"uh hi um im mary are you  uh here to show me around." her voice is amazing i wonder if shes mistress lillys daughter

"ya i just have to ask the principle." as i was walking towards the principle the flirt alec went up to her and took her away she didnt even look back at me!! oh when i get my hands on alex!

"hey so what happened? where is she?"

"that jackass alex took her jeez such a dick head god!" i swear when i get my hand son him shit im transforming crap "shit! come on john."

we ran outside before the whole school saw me so i went for a run and i was relaxed... well kinda but now i gotta run to class anyway i hope nothing happens but ill see her at lunch... right?

cassia pov  

im hoping that mary ok oh there she is shes talking to ethan her mate and she dosent even know it. wait but hes going to the principle and some guy is walking up to her and whaaaaaaa? their walking away together da f? oh hes gon be in so much trouble at lunch

mary pov

"hi im ethan its nice to meet you" holy crap remember to breath his voice wait wait no i cant fall in love with him that will make me look like a dork and hes probably just talking to me cuz im new and he has to show me around.

"uh hi um im mary are u gonna show me around?" was that a stupid question uh he probably thinks im a dufus great job mary.

"ya i just have to ask the principle." wait he hasnt asked already so does that mean...

"hey im alex im gonna be showing you around. you know he does that all the time he even tried doing that to the other girl um cassia i think it was but she didnt let him cuz luke was there. luke a pretty cool dude"

"ya he is hi im mary so were are we off to first?" i cant believe he would try to seduce cassia he seemed so nice i guess not i followed him to my first class and every where else he seemed real sweet. he said we would meet during lunch but we had different second periods he had math and i had music sitting next to... ethan. O crap. 



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