wilson and the smiths

This is the story of Lily Wilson her and her perfect life a amazing friends and family until one night changes it all. Lily Has to move to New Jersey with the Smiths. Mandy Robert and there nine kids who are all boys. Lily is her Junior year in high school how is she going to live with being in school as well as living with the extremely hot and sexy smith boys. well you will just have to read to find out


1. the disovorey

Chapter One

*ring ring*

          “Anabel wait” I screeched “my phone is ringing” my best friend in the whole wide world Anabel and I were playing on the Wii. We were celebrating the completion of our first week of school being over. It was 9:30 on Friday night we have been best friend’s scence 1st grade when he and her family moved to Olympia. We scrambled around my room to find my phone my mom dad and little bro Jacob just left to go get our favorite food taco bell.

          “Found it” Anabel said her brow furrowed “um you might want to take this” I walked across the room to where she was standing and grabbed my phone, it was the police.

          “Hello Lily Williams” I said into the phone

          “Hello this is the Olympia police department I have called to inform you that Jacob Williams, Andrea Williams, and Luke Williams have been in a car accident” Anabel and my eyes got wide and I could tell that she was lessoning to the conversation.

         “A-a-are they alright”

          “no  ma’am they have passed away the two males died almost instantly because the car that hit them hit on the driver side and the female passed away from significant blood loss” I sank onto the sofa because my legs could no longer hold me up

          “a-a-are you plosive that it was my parents”

          “yes ma’am they were driving a 2011 Chevy Cruze and the female In the car before she passed on said to call someone by the name of Lily and you are the only lily in both of the phones that we found in the car not to mention that you have the same last name as them and it says that you are their daughter”

          “Ok ok so what do I do?”

          “You need to stay where you are we are sending someone to your home as we speak and if someone is with you they need to stay with you. I do not wish for you to be alone at the time”

          “I’m not alone at the time sir”

          “ ok someone will be to your place of residence soon” and with that they hung up  I looked up at Anabel’s  panic stricken face and slipped into the darkness.  


Chapter one part 2
I woke up with a start my head hurt like crazy i hurde soft voices and smelled belch i opened my eyes i looked around and started screaming why the hell was i in a hospital Annabel a nurse and a Police officer came into the room

"Why the hell am I in a hospital" I Growled Annabel looked from me to the nurse to the police officer and back to me i could tell she had been crying "and Annie why where you crying?" She looked at me agean and I saw tears well in her eyes she ran to me and through her arms around me

"Oh Lily don't you remember the accent" she walled then i remembered my body went stiff i remembered all the fun times we had together like when we went to mall of America and I got lost or when we went to California and Jacob got strep thought and we had to cut the trip short i would never get to play monster trucks with him again

"I’m gunna hurl" I said a trash can was placed in front of me I started crying and emptied the contest of my tummy into the trash can the police officer stepped forward

"Miss Wilson im truly sorry for your loss but would you like to meat your new garden?" I numbly nodded he left the room and returned with a lady she had pretty strawberry blond hair down to her shoulders in soft curls she had very fair skin and Electrifying green eyes i could see tear tracks down her face she rushed forward and gave me a huge hug the police officer cleared his thought and the lady stepped away "Lily this is Mandy Smith she is now your legal garden" I nodded to show that I under stood she cupped my face in her hands

"You look so tired baby girl why don't you get some sleep and we can Catch up later" I nodded and laid back down on the pillow. I drifted off to sleep and didn't give a scented thought that a lady i didn't know at all or any thing about was now my garden.


a/n sorry for any speling arors 

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