One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines just write your name, the 1D member you want in your imagine, and the situation you want


1. Alessia and Niall (baby be mine tonight mine tonight mine tonight yeah)

Alessia's POV

Niall Horan.Those two words make every boy in my school jealous.I mean come who wouldn't be jealous of the bad boy who gets the girls.The thing with Niall is is that he has a new girlfriend every week. While he is with a girl he is always looking at other girls for next week.Well all of this week he has been looking at me.At lunch he came over to me my hands started to sweat.he sat down beside me and said "what are you doing tonight"."nothing why"."good because your coming over to my house.Omg I want to go to his house but I don't wanna seem desperate."And why would I do do that" I said."Because I can sense how much you want me" he whispered then I could feel my far going red.Was it really that noticeable."Or is it that you want me".Niall looked slightly embarrassed."Okay then so were good on tonight"."Sure I'll pick up after school"."kk".School flew by and it was time to go to Niall's.I walked outside and saw him leaned up against his car."Ready" he said."Sure".We got into the car and I decided to tease him.Niall I whispered in his ear whilst he was driving."Yeah Alessia"."You don't know how much I want you".He gulped back.I started to run my hand up an down his thigh.Wow Niall is starting to speed up the car.When we got to his apartment we went straight to his room he started to kiss me passionately all over and we got each other satisfied.We were lying down on hi bed."Alessia will you be my girlfriend"."Yeah Niall I will only if you promise that in a weeks time I'll still be your girlfriend"."Promise, Alessia I don't think I've ever said this to I girl but I love you"."I love you too Niall" 

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