(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All right reserved.


10. join the business

Justin’s POV

I thought Dianna and I had a simple “no strings attached” kind of relationship, the kind that everyone thinks is a stereotypical perfect high school relationship, but really is just for the pleasure. After she came over to my house to up my belt notches to a whopping forty-three, she’s been sending me text messages consecutively. She must think we’re the perfect high school couple.

Oh she’s wrong.

I ignored every single one of her annoying and clingy text messages and resisted the urge to break up with her over text. Not even I stoop to that level, I like humiliating them in public.

I hear a knock at my bedroom door and I instantly thought it was Dianna, coming to see if I was dead or something.

 “Yeah, what?” I shout through the door irritated.

Christian opens the door and pokes his head in, and I sigh in some-what relief.

“Can I talk to you Justin?” he asked steadily, in a slow tone as if I didn’t understand English.

I nod confusingly and he hesitantly comes to my bed and sits next to be. He faces me and I feel as if he’s being a bit dramatic, it’s like he’s breaking up with me or something.

He must be on crack.

“Justin,” he starts “Do you know why I want to talk to you?”

I shake my head and narrow my eyes at him.

“No clue, but can you please stop talking to me like that, I’m not a baby.” I tell him, a scowl forming on my lips.

He rolls his eyes and continues his, what I figured is request.

“Well, I want to you to go to the local park with this,” he hands me a small package, “And give it to a man with a thick beard, baseball cap and navy-blue jeans. He’s quite big too, you can’t miss him.”

 I look at him in turmoil, and he sighs.

“It’s really not that hard!” he stated aggravated and I nod and reply with a simple “ok”, to piss him off a bit more.


“Justin I have no time for your stupid little-boy antics, now he will give you a bigger package in return. You take it, hold it like your life depends on it and come back here, am I clear?” he growls, his knuckles turning white from how hard he’s clutching onto my bedpost.

 I nod my head and swallow hard.

What have I gotten myself into?


Jessica’s POV


It’s late at night, about 9. My tears have dried up and I’m kind of over it. Dean texted me, telling me he’s safe and he’s missing me. I hear a knock on the door and say ‘yeah come in?’

Its my brother, I haven’t seen him in a LONG time. Roll my eyes what does he want?

He comes and sits down on my bed. He looks at me and whispers

‘You want to do something, I haven’t really seen you this past month. You know, with work and a girl on my shoulders.’ I nod; I know it’s probably hard for him. I say ‘Wanna go to the park?’ he nods and says ‘let me change.’ I nod with a smile plastered on my face. I finally get to spend time with Harry. Yeah my brother’s name is Harry. I pull on a pair of stonewashed skinny jeans and a dark-blue superman jumper. I slip on my dark-blue vans and make my way down stairs to se Harry waiting there. We step outside and the cold hits us. It’s dark but the streetlights make it easier for us. I follow him to the park and we sit on a bench. I’ve been to the park heaps this past month. I used to be just stuck in my room playing on my cell. He turns to me and says

‘Look jess, I’m really sorry for my absence the past month.’

I sigh and reply ‘its ok, I know this has been a tough month for you.’

He smiles and gives me a side-hug. I look up and see a guy wearing a black hoodie running. I begin to feel curiosity and confusion.  I bet this guy is trouble.

I turn to Harry and he is looking at the guy as well. I look at him and say

‘You thinking what I’m thinking?’ he nods and smirks and we follow the guy.

The guy leads us to this place in-between 2 trees. We hide behind a bush and watch him. Another guy approaches him and the guy takes off this hood. I immediately realize who it is, I know that light-brown hair anywhere. Even if it’s as dark as it is tonight.


Justin’s POV


I see the man Chris was talking about and he approaches me. My breathing speeds up and my palms start getting sweaty. I’ve never done something so bad before; sure I’ve done a few things baddish just not like this. I pull my hoodie down revealing my hair. The guy smirks and comes towards me.

‘So you’re Christian’s little bro.’ I gulp and nod.

‘Is someone nervous? Well let me assure you, I just want the stuff and I’ll leave.’


Christian told me to get the package that he has first; these people are pretty dodgy and can’t be trusted. I manage to choke out

‘I’ll give you this,’ and wave the package in his face, ‘if you give me that.’ And point to the white package in his hands. He grunts and hands me the package and I quickly hand him the small package in my hands. I hear and muffled scream and turn around. I see a tall guy and a girl slowly walking back. The tall guy runs but the girl is just frozen. She stumbles but runs soon after. I chase after her and pull her to a tree and wrap my hand around her mouth. I let go of her and she says

‘Are you really this bad Bieber?’


Jessica’s POV


He freezes like I did when I saw he saw me. He wraps his warm hand around my mouth once again and pushes me forward. The guy is gone but there’s a large white package in his place. Justin bends over and picks it up. He obviously dropped it. I push him but he wont release his grip. We walk all around the park until he reaches his car. He pushes me in finally realizing his hand from my mouth. I scream and his eyes grew wide. He spat

‘Shut up or you’ll regret it.’ I roll my eyes and say

‘What can you do Bieber.’ He smirks and says ‘you’ll be surprised.’

I scowl in disgust. He just chokes out a raspy laugh. I roll my eyes and lean my head on the window. He puts the radio volume to a minimum and says

‘Almost there, you’re coming to mine. I need to ask my brother what to do.’ I guess he made up with his brother then.  It was about a five-minute drive in complete silence. He pulls up to a massive white mansion. My mouth becomes wide. He turns to me and smirks ‘you like Jessica?’


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