(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All right reserved.


8. Goodbye

Jessica’s POV


I wear something casual to Dean’s, just a pair of jeans and an over-sized sweater.

I decided to go to the park before hand because if I rock up now, I’ll be a little early.

I walk there looking down at my phone. The time is 6:08. I have half an hour at the park.

I pace near the basketball courts and sit down at a bench across from the court.

I see a guy with dirty-blonde hair occupying the court, reminding me a lot of Bieber. He turns around and smiles at me, confirming my theory.

He obviously doesn’t know it’s me.

I smile back and roll my eyes when he turns around.

I look down at my phone for a little bit, before hearing the noise of approaching footsteps and heavy breathing.

"Hey girl." I hear his raspy voice call, startling me. 

My long dark-brown hair was cascading around my face so he couldn’t see who I was.

I reply back with a giggle. I hear his throaty laugh, enough to make anyone's knees weak (even mine, embarrassingly enough).

"So what brings you here, its so dark." He smirks, placing his hands on his hips and leaning forward in exhaustion.

"Filling up time, I’m going to a friends house and I still have about twenty minutes until I'm expected to be there." I replied, smiling to myself.

Was I really talking to Justin Bieber?  Damn.

I see him nodding his head, looking out back at the court, before his eyes avert back to mine. 

"OK cool, see ya around" He casually shrugs as I nod my head as a reply, watching him job back to the court.

He can actually behave maturely and have a decent conversation with someone (which is quite surprising). 

Maybe I should change my looks and see how he treats me?

Well I don’t know, I’ll think about it.

I look at the time again and its 6:46.

Gosh, I’m going to be late.

I pick my self up from the bench and run to Dean's house. It about a block away from this park, so I shouldn't take long.

I approach his house and knock on the black wooden front door.

I hear the thud of shoes coming towards the door and the door opens with a creak.

I see Dean and pout.

He laughs and pulls me into a hug. I pull out of the hug and follow Dean inside. I see his parents and shyly wave to them.

They greet me with simple "Hellos!" and Dean leads me to his room.  His parents have always been there for me but I have always been shy around them.

Dean and I have been friends since kindergarten.

He opens the door and hops on his bed and turns on the TV. I hop next to him and he comes closer and wraps his arms around me. I giggle and he starts tickling me. I squeal and wiggle in his grasp, begging him to stop.

"I’ll stop if you say Dean is the hottest guy in the universe!" He yells, making me giggle even more.

I choke out a "No!" and he tickles me even more. I can barely breath but I choke out exactly what he requested. He stops and pats my head of messy hair.

"Good girl" He coos, as I slap his arm, making him chuckle.

I sit up and kiss him on the check and settle back down on the bed. We go back into our original position, and Dean puts a movie on.  


Dean’s POV


She’s so cute in my arms.

I have had a crush on Jess since I was in grade 2. But I learned to except that she won’t take it further. I look down at her and see that her eyes are closed, indicating she was asleep. I kiss her hair and fall asleep with her in my arms.


 - - -


"Dean, honey, wake up." I hear the whisper of my mom's voice, waking me up. I groaned tiredly and sit up, seeing that Jess is still in my arms.

"Our flight leaves in four hours honey, and we still have to drive to Toronto. So get up, we're dropping Jessica off at home."

I sigh and thank my mom, watching her walk out of my bedroom, leaving the door open and letting the hallway light flood into the bedroom. Still half asleep, I tighten my grip on Jessica nd caress her hair.

She is really beautiful; I don’t get why no one can see that.

After standing up and taking Jess with me, I hurry down the stairs and towards the front door, being as careful as possible.

I clutch onto her in the cold for warmth, repositioning her so her legs were around my waist and her head was cozily in the crook of my neck.

My mom smiles at me before opening the car door for me to sit down, with Jess still clutching onto me.

We want to start fresh in California, so we sold all our furniture (besides the basics like a couch or bed) at an auction and a garage sale two weeks ago.

The whole ride to Jessica's house, I was looking down at her, caressing her hair and occasionally kissing her forehead.

When the car pulled up outside of Jessica's house, I un-did my seat-belt and got out of the car (surprisingly enough being able to open the car door).

I walked up the driveway towards the ront door, where I lazily rung the doorbell. A few minutes later, Ms. Carter answer the door, smiling at me.

"Oh thank-you Dean."

She kissed my cheek and allowed me inside. I walked up the flight of stairs and walked into Jessica's room, taking off her shoes and socks and settling her into bed.

I tucked the blankets around her body and sat there, staring at her gorgeous features.

I was really really going to miss Jessica, and I really hope she won't forget me anytime soon.

"I love you Jess. Don't forget you're beautiful and you'll always be special to me."

I walk away from her bedside and shut her bedroom door behind me, climbing down the flight of stairs with tears in my eyes.  

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