Unlucky Situations

Rubi is a 14 year old girl who always gets bullied, she works in a small grocery store in the shopping centre, the school bully, Gloria, never leaves her alone. Her dream is to meet One Direction and when she was inches away from completing it Gloria comes and just takes it away from her with one click, so will Rubi get to meet One Direction? Will she get to meet her her crush, Zayn Malik? Will she get to date him? Or will her dreams just all fade away into darkness? Read on to find out.


1. Chapter 1

I so need a holiday, i thought to myself while scanning the things at the cashier for the customer infront of me.

I worked at a small grocery store in the shopping centre, and i hated my life. The only thing that kept me alive and working was One Direction. I have nearly all their merchandise, I know everything about them and i went to their concert the last time they came to Sydney.

"Rubi!" My boss Bob called.

"Yes?" I asked while scanning the last thing for the busy customer.

"You better go home now, Your shift is nearly over and you must be tired." He said

"You have no idea" I relplied as i finished serving the customer and packing my stuff.

"ou go home and rest, Okay?" Said Bob

"Sure" I replied unenthusiastically.

I exit the grocery store saying bye to Bob. As i walked out of the shopping centre, I realised there was only one day left till One Direction were coming to Sydney. Like most Directioners i wished i could marry them one day, but come on! as if that would happen! I mean i've had a lot of compliments about my looks and stuff, but there were millions and millons of prettier girls out there. Why would they want to marry me? But i can dream... Right?

I stopped at the parking lot waiting for my Mum to pick me up, I wasn't allowed to drive yet because i was only 15. So my Mum had to pick me up and drop me off wherever i needed to go.

My Mum slows the car and i hop in.

"Hey darling! How was work?" She asked

"Hey, It was boring as usual." I replied while putting my seat belt on

"Honey you look really tired, you better get some rest." She said looking worried

"Yes Mum as soon as i get my phone in the charge and check twitter."  I replied

"Okay honey, as long as you get some sleep." She said

I nodded.

Once i stepted inside my room i quickly got my charger out and plugged it into my phone, I logged onto twitter and checked One Direction's tweets. Then i get ready for bed. As soon as i put my head on my pillow, i fell into deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning remembering that One Direction were landing in Sydney at 7:30AM. I look at the time on my phone and it's 7:00AM . My Mum wouldn't let me go see them at the airport so i was kind of pissed off, but at least i could see them on TV right?

"Honey, You have school in an hour and a half." said Mum

"I know Mum, i just want to watch this interview." i replied runnning over to the coutch and turning the TV on.

"Alright honey, don't be late for school, im going off to work." She said heading for the front door.

"Bye Mum have a nice day at work!" i called back as i heard the front door close.

Me and my Mum live alone, in a small house in Sydney. My dad passed away three years ago. I don't like to talk about it cause it always makes me tear up, So i just avoid thinking or talking about it.

I quickly get up once the interview about the boys are over and i only have an hour left to get ready for school. I quickly run into the bathroom and have a quick shower. I get out and blow dry my hair, then put my uniform on. i have about 10 minutes left. I start walking to school. It's only a five minute walk because we live near the school. I get to school with another five minutes left until the bell rings for my first class.

I quickly scan the quad and find my friend Emma sitting at our usual spot in the corner of the quad, reading a book. Im guessing it's another book about fashion. She absolutely loves fashion.

I have to admit, we are not popular at all and to be honest we are complete loosers.

As i make my way to Emma, Gloria spots me. I really dislike Gloria, She's a bitch to me and Emma, and she's really really popular. All the guys absolutely adore her. She has long straight blond hair and eyes like emeralds, compared to her i looked like a potato. I had medium brown straight hair and light brown eyes. I wasn't as perfect as Gloria and i have to admit she was absolutely beautiful.

"Hey bitch! Where do you think your going?" She sceams

I just ignore her and speed walked away. Luckily today her boyfriend came and i had time to sneak off. Did i mention Gloria loves One Direction too? Well she does...

Anyway, My best friend Emma loves One Direction as much as i do, Shes a huge Directioner.

I got to Emma and sit next to her. We talked abit and she told me there was a One Direction Book/CD signing tomorrow and she told me her Mum managed to get two wrist bands. We both fangirled in excitement. Then the bell rang and we went our own ways to class.

I dragged myself through the boring day. After school finished i walked home. i only had work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But since today was Friday i was off work. When i got home Emma called me. We discussed what to wear tomorrow. She said she wanted to dress up as Liam Payne, So i decided to dress up as Louis Tomlinson.

I had a stripy black and white shirt, similar to Louis' and black suspenders. Then i found a pair of red jeans all similar to Louis Tomlinson's. I decided to wear my Black vans with the outfit cause i thought it would go nice together. I got all of it ready for tomorrow.

Then i got ready for bed. I was too excited to sleep, but i managed to get some before it was 11:00PM. I just couldn't wait till tomorrow.

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