Love at first sight

A girl who just broke up with her old boyfriend and see a new boy and for the first time she felt love again but the old boyfriend gets revenge on the girl but don't at all.


1. Happy Birthday

I woke up to my family making noisy sounds, and all you could hear was horns and singing. I was turning 18 and still in my parents house. My 14 year old sister comes in.

Bri:" happy birthday to you now get out the house so I can have your room"

We all laughed and then I got up to go bath and put on clothes for school I walk in the kitchen and see a plate full of food just for me. I sit down and eat it all and then hear the bus I run and grab my bag followed by my little sister as we got on the bus I  headed for the back to where my friend kendrea was.

Drea:" happy birthday noy"

Noy:" thanks"

We get off and we head for the girls standing in a circle when they all see me they all start to sing me a song and you already know what song was that. Then I see my handsome boyfriend walking towards me.

Chris:"happy birthday babe"

Noy:"thanks" (giving me a gift)

Noy:" awe you didnt have to"

Chris:"yes I did"

 As I open it I see a diamond necklace 


Chris:"come here"

As we get close he lays a soft kiss on my lips

Drea:"yall need to get a room"

                                                       Chris p.o.v

Should I go for it should I make the first move because she still a virgin

Chris:" babe I wanna take you out for dinner"


Chris:"I'll pick you up at 8"



Noy:(pecking him on the lips)"bye"

Kendera p.o.v

As I seen Chris walk off I knew something was up with him and I'm gonna find out.

Drea:"I'll be back"


When I peek around the corner I see Chris and Fiona kissing roughly then I walk away thinking to myself that I gotta tell noy

Drea:"hey noy"

Not:(turning around)" yea"

Drea:"um........can I double date with y'all"

Noy:"yea sure"


The bell ranges and I went to ask Justin do he wants to go with me and he said yea

Noy p.o.v

As I get dress I put on my red dress with black heels and diamond necklace Chris got me and black bracelet


I open the to see drea and Justin at the door

Noy:"come in"

Drea:"you ain't  gotta tell me twice"

Justin:"hey noy"


Justin:"happy birthday"(kisses cheek)

Noy:" thanks"

We hear Chris blow the horn and we headed for the car

Chris:"why you didn't tell me they were coming"

Noy:"well hello to you to "

Chris:" my bad"(kissing cheek)

Noy:" anyways I didn't think it would matter"

Chris:"it dont but you should've told me"

Noy:" sorry"

5 minutes later

We arrive at the restaurant and Chris gave the man at the desk his name and he took us to a booth. When we sat down Fiona comes over



Fiona:" Chris can I speak with you alone"


Something was up and I'm gonna find out. Kendera had this look on her face like she know something and Chris is always talking to Fiona 

Noy:"um cri-"

Drea:"noy can I speak with you"

We got up and walked outsid dreawent on

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