The Way Things Should Be

Things aren't going well between Will Skyford and his wife Astrid. He oftens criticize her, calling her a klutz and an amnesiac. They've almost been married for four years yet somehow, he feels insecure and jealous whenever she's around guys, especially his brother Elliot. He feels that his life sucks because of his job, the people around him and especially because of his wife. He wished that he had never dated or married her, and that he would have a better life, but maybe what he wished for is what exactly he's going to regret.


1. When Nothing Changed (1)

        It was 6:00 a.m. in the morning, and it was freakin cold, even when the aircon war off. I started the day with drinking a hot cup of coffee, reading a newspaper, and checking my to-do list. 
       It was a Saturday, so I had lot's of time to hang out with my wife, Astrid... She's a beauty I tell you, but she's really a klutz and an amnesiac, she's really clumsy when handling fragile stuff, which is pretty much annoying, and she tends to forget important events and stuff needed like grocery... She maybe kind and pretty, but I wished that she would be a straight-up perfect woman, who's at the age of 29... We've been married for almost 4 years now, and nothing much has improved, but maybe I'll just wait for that time to come...
        While I was still writing new activities for my to-do list, she woke up, and stretched without noticing me right in front of her, because of her bad eye sight. 

        "You're up kinda late, our date starts at 8:00 and you're not yet dressed." I said kind of upset. She took her glasses off the table and wore them, then looked at the clock, it was already 7:38 in the morning. She gasped, then quickly ran to the bathroom and took a shower, after she showered, she then blow dried her hair, then changed her clothes. 
       "Sorry Will, it's just that I was up late reading the news article that you were in." She said, suddenly hugging me.
       "Well, you should've read that article while it was early Rid..." I replied, removing her arms...
       " Sorry, but I was at work too you know..."
       " Well, you should've read it today or sooner, but anyways, past is past." I said, ruffling her hair. 
       " Well let's get going..."
        "Ok." She said all smiley.

      Sorry if it's short but I'll be back...

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