Boredom again, probably needs a lot of tweaks but again constructive criticism, tips and advice are welcome!


1. Apocolypse

An angel from heaven of my wildest dreams

Is now a demon tearing me apart at the seams

I thought you were my redemption and salvation

But all you’ve done is sent me to eternal damnation

The four horsemen bringing terror to my life

With chaos and evil, troubles and strife

While you’re turning my world upside down

40 days and nights I started to drown

The rainwater began to rise

As you came to collect your prize

Taking all of the fight  in me

Leaving the empty shell you see

But how can those heavenly eyes

Do nothing but give me tears and lies

Leave me burning in the eternal flame

Leave me crying, screaming your name

Where is the saviour to come rescue me?

In holy light that only angels see

Standing here before me is sin

Feeding the dark from deep within

A soul lost from it’s way

Nothing to do, nothing to say

Bringing forth the apocalypse

Leaving me in a black abyss

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