Love at first sight

One day a girl named Samantha who bumps into a guy who happens to be THE Justin Bieber but they both have love a first sight.


1. Parting


Samanth'a POV

I woke up from my nap with a text. I look at my clock and it was 5:30. Ugh I grabed my phone and looked at it. It was a message from my friend Amanda It said "Girl we going to a party tonight at a club I'll pick you up at 7". Pulled myself out of bed and headed to the shower. When I got out i found a short dress with pink at the bottom and has dimonads on the top part and found my pink flats. When I got done I just left my hair how it is because it natural wavy and added light mak-up. When I was done I looked at my clock it was 6:50. I grabed my phone and walked down stairs. I was greeted my my older brother Zack.


Zack: Hey Sammy where are you going.

Me: I'm going out with Amanda.

Zack: Ok be back before midnight.

Me: Ok.


You see my family is rich and my parents are on a busniess trip and I'm stuck here with my loser brother. I sat on my couch  untill 5 seconds later there was a knock on my door.



Zack: BYE SAM.


With that I walked out the door and Amanda was standing outside I walked with her to her car and we were off.


*Skip Car Ride*


We pulled up at the club and got out we walked in and the music was blarring. I was getting a head ache. So I told Amanda I was going to go outside for some air. I walked out and when I opened the door I hit somebody.


Me: OMG I am soooooo sorry.

Person: oh it's ok

Me: Are you sure.

Person: Yea no problem.

I held my hand out and helped the boy up. When he looked up I gasped. I was Justin Bieber.


Justin: Shh don't scream.

Me: Oh don't worry I'm not.

Justin: You're not a fan.
Me: Oh no I am but I dont want to be all fangirling over somebody and they get scared of me.

Justin: You know what I have never heard that before.

Me: Well its true.

Justin: can I have you name.

Me: Oh sorry its Samantha.

Justin:Nice names hey um can I have you're number.

Me:thanks and sure.


He handed me his phone and I handed him mine and we putour numbers in and switched back.


Justin: So you wanna go back inside and dance.
Me: Sure.


Justin held out his hand and I hesitated for a second then grabed his hand and we walked back in the club. We walked in and walked to the dance floor and it was playing a slow song. I turned around and put my hand around Justin's neck and and he put his hand on my waist. We swayed to the music and then we started to lean in. Then it happened his soft plumped lips connected to mine and it was amazing. I felt sparks and fireworks. We both smiled into the kiss. When we pulled apart we both smiled at each other and rested our foreheads together.


Justin: Um Samantha.

Me: Yes Justin.

Justin: Um I know we just meet about 5 minutes ago and I know its to early to ask this and you know what they say you can have love at first sight. but um will you be my girlfriend.

Me: Yes Justin yes I'll be you girlfriend.

After I said yes Justin picked me up and spun me around and kissed my passionatly. He licked my bottom lip and I opened up my mouth and lets him explore. We started making out until I heard somebody clear there throat. I pulled away and looked behind Justin's shoulder. Shit it was Amanda.


Me: Oh hi Amanda.

Amanda: Who is that.
Me: This.

Amanda: Yes Sammy.

I leaned in to Justin's ear and whispered.

Me: Be careful she is a huge fan.

Justin: No problem.

Me: You wanna take this out side.
Justin: Sure.


I leaned back over Justin shoulder and look at Amanda.


Me: Lets go outside.


I got droped from Justin and I grabed his hand and walked out the door with Justin and Amanda behind my back. When we got out Amanda look at me and Justin. His hands were around my waist and his head was on my sholders. Sinece it was dark you couldn't see.


Amanda: So who is it.

Me: Ok But when you figure out who it is you can not scream.

Amanda: why whould I.

Me: Because-

Justin: I'm Jusitn Bieber.

Amanda: OMG your your your your OMG your Justin Bieber.

Justin: Yep.

Me: Yea its Justin Bieber. Ok Hey Justin can you take my home.

Justin: Sure Babe.

Amanda: OMG y'all are dating too.

Me: Yeah

Amanda: Yea are soo freakin cute.

Me: Thanks  bye

Amanda: Bye girl see you later.




A/N: Hello my names is Haley and this is my first Movella story wise lol and I hope you like it and i'll be update soon so comment, like, and favorite thx. SWAG ~Halety

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