Angel Eyes

After being with Liam from One direction for 2 years, Kaitlyn is truly in love. But will things get in between them and ruin their relationship?


1. Busy Day

Kaitlyn’s P.O.V

I woke up with my head on Liam’s chest and his arm wrapped around me, he was still asleep so I quietly got up and went down to the kitchen, only to see Niall sitting at the table looking very hungry. “Hungry are we?” I laughed he looked at me “Yes, very!” he chuckled. I went to the fridge “Bacon, eggs and pancakes?” Niall’s face light up like a firefly “ Yes please!”  I laughed as soon as he said that. Right as I was starting to serve breakfast Liam came downstairs “Something smells lovely” he said as he hugged me and kissed my soft pink colored lips. I gave Niall his first then I  got Liam’s and I our breakfast, after our meal I went upstairs to get dressed. Grey skinny jeans, hot pink t-shirt neon yellow and green socks and Liam’s red sweatshirt. When I came down Liam started laughing “Are you wearing my sweater again babe?” I smiled “It’s comfy and It reminds me of you” he smiled and hugged me. “We have a studio recording today honey, you coming?” I nodded my head and said “I have to go to a show tonight, it’s the Trillium Classic” “What time is that tonight?” he asked me “ I have to be there by like 3:00 this afternoon” he smiled “ Who are you bringing?” “ Apache, he is the best jumper I have” He nodded and we headed out to the studio. We live in London near the Olympic stadiums, the equestrian arena they used in the Olympics is where the Trillium Classic is taking place. I have been riding ever since I was 3 and now I am 20, I love horses they are my passion and ever since I met Liam we moved onto his grandparents farm and bought a couple horses. He is my savior and I wouldn’t be here doing what im doing and being myself if I hadn’t met him. As we pulled up to the arena I jumped out of the lorry and ran to the trailer, “Im gonna bring Apache to the stables, meet you inside” he smiled and went to find a spot to park.  As soon as I got in the building with Apache I put him in his stall and went to get changed, beige riding breeches, tall black riding boots my white blouse and my red riding jacket with the union jack flag on the shoulder. Liam was at Apache’s stall as I came out of the change room “Wow, babe you look great!” I blushed “Thanks” “Im going to go and get a seat, see you out there!” I waved as he walked out of the barn. I tacked up Apache and rode into the warm up arena, after we warmed up I went and waited by the entrance, “And now Amanda Miller from U.S.A” the announcer said with a loud bold voice “Great round”. It was my turn “Please welcome 3x Olympic gold medalist and Britain’s very own….. Kaitlyn Durril!” the crowd roared with excitement as I entered the arena with pride. I started with the double decker bus oxer, cleared it perfectly, after I cleared all the jumps I approached the last one…. A triple spread over water. As I cantered Apache towards the jump, he began to get nervous I urged him on with a “Good boy” and pushed him faster he leaped with all his might and we landed on the other side. Everybody went silent “And  Kaitlyn wins the Trillium Classic!” yelled the announcer, I patted Apache on the shoulder and we did a victory lap around the crowd filled arena. I received my award and went to untack Apache, as soon as I got off Liam scooped me up in his arms “Great job honey, you were absolutely stunning” I blushed and smiled “Thank you”. After I finished I put Apache back in the horse box and we headed home, on our way we stopped at a Tesco so I could grab some milk. As I walked in people started crying and cheering, kids came running up with camera’s and signs saying <Congratulations Kaitlyn!> I was overwhelmed with joy. So about 45 minutes later I got back in the car “What took you so long babe?” Liam chuckled I laughed “Swarmed by fans I guess.

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