Eventually~ Liam Payne FF


1. Bunk Beds

Liam's POV~

I lay on the top bunk, running my fingers through my somewhat long hair, debating whether I should tell the boys to shut up or to join them. If I joined them I would probably ruin their fun by being boring and 'suddenly' everyone would be tired. Though telling them to shut up wouldn't be any better. But it's all because of Susan. Why did she have to cheat on me? I'm really not full of myself but I stayed with her through the X-Factor and everything else. But now I'm to childish for a steady relationship. Then why did you stay being my girlfriend for almost two years? Can I actually find a girl who doesn't cheat or that I can have a relationship with that would last a lifetime? Somehow through all of the laughing and screaming, I fell asleep dreaming about hopefully I would be able to find someone who were all those things and would mean everything to me.

Louis' POV~

When finally all of the shouting died down we noticed how loud Liam was snoring. "How did we not notice Liam's snoring?" I said and we all laughed. "What I want to know is how he fell asleep during our spaz hour." Said Harry awkwardly peeking over the top bunk to see Liam. "Well goodnight boys. I'm going to follow Liam's idea and go to sleep." Niall said climbing into the other top bunk. "Same here." I said climbing to the one under Niall. The other boys faded out to their beds, Harry in the one under Liam and Zayn in the single bed.

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