The Wrath Of Woodstock and Other Creepy Ass Stories

Le title explains all


1. Darkness

We've all feared the Dark before as little kids. It's unknown mass haunting us of what could come of it. You use nightlights, the hallway light, crack your door open to let any speckle of light trickle in and save you from the Dark. Light you see as the already known, what's to become, your savior. 

That won't help you.

You fear the Dark because subconsciously you already know what you're going to see. So there's no point in hiding from it. You know what's to come of it and how it will tear your entire being limb from limb. How it will break your sanity and shall lose all rationalization.  

Inside the Darkness lies your biggest fears. You cannot escape it. You can try to avoid it. But the Darkness will catch up to you.

So take a look into the Dark, you'll have to face it sooner or later... 


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