Fake Friend


1. Experience

A mimic of a friend I once knew,

A slimy hallucination of my past,

Your old cherpy tones now ring through my ears like badgered harpy screams.

The content of yours is obnoxious and overbearing,

The cloud of my ignorance has dissolved

Now I see the true form of a miscreation as deceptive as yours.

A chameleon of your professional  cover 

was difficult for outsiders to perceive,

But the lies of your marathon had finally crossed the finish line

and had posed for the incriminating pictures.

The walls sheltering us from the truth had finally fallen

And had crushed our dictator.

There you sit, on your glorified throne

in your own castle of denial,

Luring in spies to create yourself a knew title,

But none of which could be considered friend.

And there you stayed, silently watching us

Envying, maddening, regretting.  

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