Doors, Hotels, Old Hags and Terrifying Futures

Carl Donald, a 22 year old IT worker, stumbles upon a hotel outside the nightclub he was at. He walks into a designated room within the hotel and sees a terrifying future he was soon to face.

Pheobe Thomas, also a 22 years old comes acros an old hag in her workplace who offers her eternal beauty.

They both set out on a journey, who knows where it leads to....


1. -


There was a blood – curdling scream. Carl got out of the car only to realise he’d knocked a person down. He noticed the blood, the beautiful blonde hair flowing all around her. Was she dead? Carl was paralyzed with fear that he’d killed this woman.


*   *   *


Earlier that evening…

I walked out of the club, the cold air hitting my face. Thank God I was out of that hellhole. Dancing, music so loud your ears pop, 2 second conversations; why on earth would anybody enjoy going to nightclubs? All I heard all week was ‘Come on Carl, it’ll be great!’ Obviously any other 22 year old would jump at the chance. Not me. I mean, who asks a 22 year old I.T. worker to go clubbing? How ridiculous is that? The only reason a 22 year old would be working in I.T. is because they’re a geek. Duh!


I turned to walk away, when I heard someone slur behind me ‘Where you going mate? The party’s only just beginning!’ It was Thom, someone I work with. Clearly he was too drunk to realise he was outside. So I escorted him back inside before heading home.


I decided to walk home. It was only a short walk to my flat, why not right? Wrong. I noticed a huge hotel materialise before my eyes. It was a desolate and dilapidated building, not somewhere you would want to be at 1:00am. Yet for some reason, my legs carried me there. The place had never been here before, it wasn’t there a mere five minutes ago when I walked out the first time and so I started getting slightly suspicious. But not suspicious enough to stop walking. I reached  the hotel’s main entrance only to find the door already open. Turn and run! My common sense snarled. My body completely dismissed this and returned to walking through the door. A part of me was screaming at me to run away and never look back. As soon as I started getting doubts, almost immediately they disappeared.


I suddenly felt a weight in my left hand. It was a hotel key with the number 1803 on it. Maybe it’s just a coincidence I thought. But something nagged at me and I realised, that’s my birthday. 18/03/1991. There was a door in front of me when I finally woke up from my daydream. If there was anything in my head at that moment, it would’ve been GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! Instead, my hand opened, revealing the key. It fit in the lock perfectly. I reached for the handle. It burnt like hot ember.


I saw myself, in a car. I looked drunk. Oh no!! Suddenly I hit something. No, someone. She looked dead. At that moment, as if on cue, all of my thoughts came rushing to my head and I yelled ‘No! Why! Why!?’ I would never do that to anyone! I realise the dangers of drunk – driving better than any! My parents died because of drunk – driving! I know what it’s like to have someone ripped from you and I would never make someone suffer that way!’ I was breathing heavily. I was starting to get angry now. ‘Why the hell would I do that?’ ‘Well, answer me! Why!?’ That’s when I felt a small pain in my arm and I saw darkness. When I woke up, I found my car keys in my hand and my bottom on the ice – cold floor. I was outside, and the hotel was gone.


*   *   *


‘Pheobe, there’s someone here to see you!’ I heard my boss blast through my office door. I wondered who it could be. Perhaps it was a new client. I got up and walked to the door. You see, I’m a beauty consultant. I’m beautiful and very good at my job, so you can only imagine how I felt when I opened the door to an ugly old hag. My brain then got to work deciding what to do ‘Right. Touch up everything. Lots of concealer and blusher. New wardrobe. New hair. Should be fine. That is, if you’re trying to pull off a very poor Joan Collins drag impression’ this was going to be hard but lord knows I’ll try. But this woman had different ideas. She walked straight past me and stopped in the middle of the room. Of course, I thought this was utterly disrespectful but then again, we couldn’t afford to lose another client due to bad behaviour.


I simply followed her and sat in my own seat. I gestured for her to sit but she staid perfectly still. I stretched my hand out for a formal shake. She glared daggers at me instead. I thought it was time to pull out the big guns. No one could resist my perfect, dazzling smile. I was basically as beautiful as Aphrodite that morning. I failed to notice the letter she placed in front of me before she walked out of the door. I opened it to see a contract. I quickly skimmed it before sprinting down the emergency stairs after her. Damn these heels! I thought to myself. I soon removed the blasted things and carried on. I caught up with her just as she was getting off the lift on the ground floor. On about the third flight of stairs, I’d managed to sign the contract. Don’t ask me how. So it was ready to be handed over. As soon as I gave the woman the piece of paper, I felt a painful pinch on my arm and the world turned black.


I realised it was three hours later when I woke up in my office. What had happened? Who was the woman? I had to know.


*   *   *


I got up from the floor and ran to my car. As soon as I got in, I realised there was already a place located in my already set up satnav. I decided to follow the satnav, it was probably a clue I thought.


*   *   *


I got up from my desk and ran to my car. I had to know why she gave me that contract and disappeared just as her fingertips reached the edge of the paper. Of course I want to stay pretty for the rest of my life. I’m 22, I have my whole life ahead of me. Why would someone offer me beauty forever and leave so quickly? Was there a catch? I thought to myself. When I got to my car the satnav was already set up to a location I didn’t recognise. Perhaps it’s was a clue to where I had to continue my journey.


After what seemed like a decade driving the satnav said I’d finally reached my destination. But this was a desolate road in the middle of nowhere. I saw a faint car shape in through the fog in the distance. I got out and realised that the car’s door was open. I was about to peer inside when I saw liquid gold hair on the floor. I saw an unconscious woman with blood stained clothes lying in the middle of the road. There was a man bent over her, checking her pulse. ‘What… What… What happened?’ I asked. The man was paralyzed with fear for about 15 minutes before he turned to see me with grief, guilt and tear filled eyes.


*   *   *


I drove for what seemed like days, then I saw a flash signify that I ought to be coming to a stop. Just as I was pulling to a stop, I suddenly heard a gigantic BANG! I abruptly hit the brakes.


I couldn’t get the sound out of my head - just before he heard the bang there was a blood curdling scream. I got out of the car only to realise he’d knocked a person down. He noticed the blood, the beautiful blonde hair flowing all around her. Was she dead? I was paralyzed with fear that he’d killed this woman. He then heard a voice. I was so paralyzed with fear that I was completely oblivious to the woman until she touched his shoulder. Tears started to burn my guilt ridden eyes. I turned to face the woman.


We spent the next hours in the same position, hoping that the unconscious body would show a sign of survival. We finally decided to call the police to make sure that the woman could be identified. I turned myself in and was immediately taken to a holding cell. I felt someone watching me, I turned to see an old hag with a piece of paper in one hand and a pen in the other.


I knew what she was going to ask me.


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