Pictures and Personalities of Holding Onto Faith

I've written 4 chapters of this story so I'm deciding to show you what they look like and their personalities! :)


1. Amy Hudson

Amy Hudson (Half human Half ghosts)


She was born in 1986, she disguises herself as a young 17 year old born in 1996. She's actually 456 years old in ghost years, she's considered young in her universe. It's 2013 and is in high school. She meets the guy who she had watched over ever since he was born. She grows a connection with him and develops a relationship with cage who is 18 and is about to graduate. She learns that the world is different then it used to be, and learns to blend in. She's also trying to find herself in the world that we call home.


Likes: Cage, family, soccer, and Earth

Dislikes: evil ghosts, war, rain, and June (June is coming in later into the story)

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