How it all Started

How hogwarts started.


1. Characters


1. Brian Lane Malfoy

2. Isaiah Marvin Abbot

3. Jackson Davion Babbling

4. Brianne Catherine Bagman

5. Anne Julia Bagshot

6. Raven Justice Bell

7. Matthias Jordan Black

8. Dylan Curtis Bones

9. Kylie Britney Brown

10. Kristen Alexandra Burbage

11. Jaden Samantha Bryce

12. Dawson Wyatt Price

13. Kyle Jeremy Crabbe

14. Rylie Thomas Delacour

15. Ezra Justin Potter

16. Sage Ronald Granger

17. Destiny Marie Weasley

18. Ethan Abraham Dumbledore

19. Jordan Xavier Goyle

20. Colton Lawrence Longbottom


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