Scarlet Blaze

Scarlet Blaze has been lonely for her whole life. The only thing that Scarlet considered important in her life is staying alive and holding unto the pendant that her parents had left her before they died. Scarlet goes out to the streets of England to go and scavenge her next meal but little does she know her world is about to be turned upside down. Strange events are beginning to unfold and Scarlet is getting caught up in the heat of it. Finding out that everything is never what it seems, Scarlet will begin a journey that will help her find out her history and the secrets that most of the world know nothing about.


1. Prologue

She moved across the grass plain, grass squelching underneath her bare feet. The mud clung to her black gown as she made progress through the muck not before long hills began to form further out ahead in the distance. The noises were beginning to get louder. The scorching crimson sky cackled wildly as it tossed the smoke around as the city shone in flames. Before long, the towns people would retrace Annabelle's foot steps and strike her where she stood. Tripping over a rock produced a faint muffle from underneath her cloak. Cooing softly and rocking the child soothingly, she began to fasten her pace as she made her way towards the grassy hills. A traitor. She was now formally known as a criminal or a fugitive. To sum it up someone better off dead to both her family and her kind who had now lost the right to dreaming of living a normal life. The screams and cries that echoed through the city's walls were slowly beginning to fade away. The heat for most people would be unbearable and most people would collapse at the extremity's of the heat, but Annabelle was not like "most people".

She could hear the voices of the soldiers beginning to advance on her. Removing her cloak whilst holding the child in one arm, she began to wrap the baby with the cloak and draped it across her underarm producing a sling. Annabelle bent down on one knee holding unto the slung baby and began to close her eyes slowly. The voices began to get louder, within a few minutes they would catch up with her and strike her where she stood and Annabelle knew that perfectly well.

She began to hum a note softly as the wind around her began to pick up. The sky's wind began to roar as the grass plains began to dance and shake. She began to shake and sob as she placed her forehead against the child as it slept. The extremity's of the burning city began to disperse as the sky went from dark red to pitch black. Everything beneath the sky began to fall into darkness as the soot began to tear through the hot damp air. Resting her mouth on the child, she stood up slowly opening her eyes. "I have given you a curse my dear Scarlet" she began to whisper as she unwrapped the child from her chest. "I will not be able to hold your hand when you fall" she continued as she began to stare into its eyes.  "I will not be able to kiss you goodnight from now on, I will not be able to ask you about your aspirations or your dreams, I wont be that shoulder that you can cry on when you're in pain and for that please forgive me" she continued on through the tears that had started a while back . For a moment everything stood still. "Scarlet Blaze, make friends, fall in love, make mistakes and try to live a normal life" Annabelle continued as she fell to one knee. "You are my daughter but you are also the one that will save the world from its darkness and I am sorry that I have given you this fate" Annabelle sobbed, "Scarlet Blaze I pronounce you the property of the angel demon, and hereby pass on the power of the Varmint".

The soot subsided and with it the sky had gone back to normal. The guards began to run towards their target squelching through the black paste that gurgled and clung unto their suits of armor. Turning around the corner the traitor was finally found lying face down in the black slop.

"Annabelle Blaze" a man from the front shouted cupping his hands over his mouth.

The woman did not respond. The man broke free from the pact and before the other men could follow, he began stomping on the figure where it lay. The men that stood next to him a few minutes ago seized the man by the arms and began to drag him backwards.

"You'll never find her now" the figure whispered.


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