Jennifer is just a normal girl at Westlake High. She has BFF's rivalries and just plain old crushes! But every thing changes when James Banks moves across the street!


1. Jen's P.O.V

It was just a normal morning. I was standing in front of the mirror noticing every little imperfection on my face. The Banks family was moving in across the street today and I at least didn't want to look like I just rolled out of bed. According to my mom the Banks family had a son my age named James. Of corse I already knew this, he started our school a month ago ( might I add total jerk!) Ever hear of a strait A student? He's a strait D. In one month he has dated half the girls in this school broken about 50 of their hearts and is currently cheating on 7 of them. How do I know this you ask? My friend is completely OBSESSED with him! Even though Abby is my BFF she gets annoying at times. For example she gets obsessed with a boy? I hear EVERYTHING about him! Even boys she doesn't like ALL THE GOSSIP! She's like a celebrity magazine for Westlake High! 

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