Young love

A girl called Hayley has a normal life just that she gets bullied a lot but one day her live changed when she meets her true love from a famous boy band member will he think the same thing or will it be just her that thinks that.

authors note:
this the first story ive ever done so dont be mean pls and its not done yet


1. the theme park

hayleys pov

I was allways on my own on a friday night so I just go and watch my favourite movies or listen to one direction I love there music it allways put me in a good mood so all I did is go into my room and listen to them while reading a book called 'the golden acorn' then when I just opened the book I heard a knock at the front door to see who it was and it was my mates ashleigh, nicky, abby and luke.

" hi hayley you want to go theme park tonight with us " said nicky

" it will be fun and jamie is working there but he wants all of us to see him on his first day of the job" said luke

" sure I would love to" I said " wait a minute let me just get dressed"

"ok" they all said

I let them in and they all sat downstaires in the livingroom while I went into my room to get dress into my black trackies and my blood red top and my trainers then grabbed my phone and money and then me and my friends went to the theme park. When we got there, there was so much in the area I saw my favourite called twister we all went on that first then we went to find jamie and a giant chicken just tapped me on the shoulder.

" omg how do you know my name" I said about to punch him

"wait wait its me jamie" he said

" omg you look so funny" abby said

we started to laugh and I dropped my candyfloss everywhere

"everyone be right back just going to get more candyfloss"

" okie dokie" ashleigh said shouting at the top of her voice

harry pov

I was just laughing at louis being chased by niall because louis has ate nialls food again and I look though the window and shouted

"boys look there is a theme park and it only just opened" I said then the boys look

"well what are we waiting for christmas?" liam says

"lets go" niall and zayn says so we grab our stuff  and went to the theme park



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