Stay By Me~ Niall Horan FF

Taylor Smith is just a regular girl. As soon as she had to move into her Aunt's house with her younger brother and sister, she already has friends and fits in at her school. In one class she hasn't noticed one boy who never talked much until she got new seats and sat next to him. His name is Niall Horan. Friends or more? Whatever kind of relationship they will have, won't it got ruined when Niall has tried out for the X-Factor and doesn't have anymore time for Taylor anymore?


1. Hard to Believe

Taylor's POV~

Hard to believe that their are hundreds of amazingly lucky people who went to either Harry Styles', Niall Horan's, Liam Payne's, Zayn Malik's, or Louis Tomlinson's schools. If you are a directioner you probably just stopped reading and told yourself how amazing it would be if you actually went to their school and knew them. Anyways half or more of those people were their friends. Amazing. If you are a directioner you would most likely be willing to do anyhing to be their friend. But as soon as they went to the X-Factor all of that would have ended; right?


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