*for the Death & Co. competition*
An old story I wrote for school some time ago.


1. Life

As I walked down the road, I came to a town. The town was empty, abandoned long ago. The town calendar was dated over 40 years ago. A cave was at the edge of the town, a sign above it proclaiming: life lives here, come talk to it! Out of boredom, I went inside. 

Jokingly, I asked "Anyone in there?"

a small note slid to my feet, in it a small message. "address me as life" it said.

again I asked, "are you there life?"

"yes, I am here" answered a monotonous voice

I stepped into the cave, and turned on my flashlight.
It was empty.
I turned back to exit, but my flashlight went out, and the entrance was nowhere to be seen

Afraid, I asked again. "Life, where are you?"

-Nowhere, everywhere

-Life, what do you want from me?

-Nothing, everything

-Why are you here life?

-I am nowhere, everywhere.

-Life, can I go?

-You can't escape me.

-Life,can I leave this cave?

-You are not in a cave.

-Where am I then, life?

-Nowhere, everywhere

-Life, is this a dream?


-Life is this real?


Months passed, I didn't grow thirsty or hungry, and i decided not to speak to life again. Until i tought of the ultimate question.

Are you real?
-… No I'm not.


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