The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


19. All white everything

Niall's POV

Waking up in the hospital was quite strange, I don't remember falling asleep I just know I was in an ambulance with my girlfriend.  I closed my eyes for a few seconds before hearing a knock on the door and seeing my nurse walking in.

 "Niall, someone is here to see you" she said standing beside the bed, "Are you okay to speak?" I cleared my throat and sat up straight the pain wasn't as bad as before but I managed to sit up.

 "Yeah, I'm fine you can let them in" I answered, she smiled and went out the door and Ashley entered. Oh, I was happy to see her she looked so beautiful

  "Hey, how you feeling?" she asked while walking towards me.

   "I feel a lot better now, still a little sore but I can deal with it for now" I said humorously, but she wasn't smiling she looked worried and upset. "How are you?" I asked, she let out a big sigh and sat down. 

 "My boyfriend was attacked and is now in the hospital, how do you think I'm doing?" she said angerly " I want to know who did this Ni,"

  "I didn't see their face all I remember is that they were wearing a white jumper" I described to her.

 I didn't want to talk about this now, I wasn't in the mood and she could tell so we just sat there in silence for ten minuets.

 "Excuse me" the nurse said as she walked in, "ma'am you have to go now Niall has to his meds and rest" she told Ashley. She stood up and smiled and headed for the door.

  "Bye hun" she said walking out of the door, I didn't want her to leave I wanted her to stay. After I took my medicine I reached for my phone and saw I had a text from an unknown number:

Be careful in these streets Niall, you never know what or who can be out there ;) - A friend

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