Forever and Always (Harry Styles)

Savannah was a normal teenage girl till she met harry styles then everything started from there. READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!


1. Surprise!

(savannah's P.O.V) Today was the last day of school and i finally graduated. Im laying in my bed checking my Instagram when Kylie burst through the door. "hey lets go to starbucks!".  "ok" i said. We got up and got in my car and drove there. When we got there i got a vanilla bean  frappuccino  and  Kylie got the same. When we sat down we started talking what were gonna do this year. Kylie really wants to visit Miami in America and i dont know what i really want to do. I really had to go to the bathroom so i excused myself and went towards the door when i bumped into someone. "sorry" said a husky voice........






sorry for such a short chapter this is my first movella and i need some ideas!     ~~~~~~~<3 cherylann

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